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Mini are one of Britain's biggest car providers and are owned by BMW and have celebrated the launches of some of the most influential vehicles to ever be made available all around the world. The history of Mini can be dated right the way back to 1959 which is when the production of the very first Mini model was began.


Over the course from then until now we have seen many new models be introduced to us via the same firm and they have really taken off in size over the past number of years with new vehicle additions, new technology and new customers being brought to Mini. Famous for vehicles such as the John Cooper Works which is receiving a new model this year Mini are today once again making headlines for a new model to be refreshed throughout this 2015 year.


Mini taking the convertible to the next level

The Convertible is of course the motor in question here and the brand are looking to make the car bigger and better than ever before. The new model has been spotted on ;public roads but this time under no disguise. Images reveal that the model is in a base colour option of Red with other colours expected to be offered when the vehicle goes on sale. The model will also go on sale under the Cooper S name and will receive new features inside of the vehicle too which are yet to be confirmed as of yet.


From the images of the car that have been revealed, we can clearly see that the vehicle has received chrome trimmings around the front grille and the same traditional headlights that we have came to know and love from Mini in the past. The big addition of course is the Black folding soft top roof. Models such as the Golf from the Volkswagen Group and the Fiat 500 have been two big contenders going up against the traditional Mini and with a soft top on the convertible, your favourite Cabrio versions of the two aforementioned cars are expected to be the biggest rivals for the newly revised Mini this year.


When will the new Mini convertible go on sale?

Firstly we must start by saying that no word has been revealed regarding how the revised version of this vehicle will cost when it does go on sale but we do expect to hear more closer to the time. Speaking of the launch for the new motor, it is believed that November is to be the launch date we are to look forward to when we see the new Mini addition in showrooms.