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New Volkswagen Passat


The technical highlights of the new Volkswagen Passat model is a new 238 brake horsepower high output diesel, a plug in hybrid, improved connectivity touch screen infotainment and lightweight body technology. The model will be on sale next January in the United Kingdom.


The brand new diesel model will be punching a heavy 369lb over a flat torque curve from 1750 revolutions per minute to 2750 revolutions per minute and will be mated with a brand new seven speed high capacity dual clutch DQ500 transmission.


In conjunction with Porsche, there has been a new high pressure 200bar piezo-electric injector developed, with the very high cylinder pressure in the high output diesel model.


The key specs and features of the Volkswagen Passat model


4Motion all wheel drive will be standard in order to keep the high output of torque under control. Despite this high output, Volkswagen has claimed 56 miles per gallon in fuel consumption.


The diesel model is the top specification variant of a brand new EA288 diesel family, which starts with a 1.6 litre entry level 118 brake horsepower unit in two states of tune, 148 brake horsepower and 188 brake horsepower. Also with the new Volkswagen Passat are five petrol engines that come from the EA211 family that feature both alloy blocks and heads.


The Passat range will be 1.4 123 brake horsepower. 1.4 148 brake horsepower, 1.8 177 brake horsepower, 2.0 217 brake horsepower and 2.0 276 brake horsepower. The only engine that is available with cylinder deactivation will be the 1.4 134 brake horsepower, that cuts output to just two of the cylinders, which will save on fuel when the car is moving.


The new Volkswagen Passat is based on the latest variant of the MQB transverse front engine from Volkswagen, which also underpins the Golf and Polo models. So with these key features in mind, we see this particular model as an ideal rival for similar machines from rival brand's including the likes of, Citroen and Ford amongst other's.


Everything else to know about the Volkswagen Passat


The engines have been tilted back by 12 degrees in order to lower the line of the bonnet and the front axle has been moved forward in order to reduce the overhang at the front. Volkswagen has said that it's designers have pushed the firewall forward by 40mm in order to increase cabin space without car needing to be made any longer.


Brand Chief of Volkswagen Heinz-Jakob Neusser has said that the passenger compartment is now 1830mm in length, which is a useful increase of 33mm to the knee room of the rear passenger. The new Volkswagen Passat is also lighter due to a detailed design to the body, interior and engines. The kerb weight has been reduced overall by 83kg on one variant, with the biggest savings due to the powertrain of the car being lighter by 40kg.


Images of the new Passat model are being kept under wraps by Volkswagen until it is closer to it's official reveal at the Paris Motor Show in September, though sketches that were shown at a technical presentation have revealed a sharper looking car body with with a more sleek roof line and a better quality nose that has LED head lamps in an integrated neat four bar subtle grille.


Two variants in body style will be available at the launch of the model, a five door hatchback and a four door saloon, which will both be shown at the Paris Motor Show and will be on sale in the United Kingdom in early 2015. Both of the versions are said to have a larger carrying capacity, the estate model features a 650 litre boot which is an increase of 47 litres.