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The Mazda brand are officially all set to reveal their brand new Mazda2 addition onto our streets and it will be revealed to the public for the first time ever this week. The vehicle will go on display to the general public from this Thursday at the international festival of Rome and will also appear at other vehicle industry events throughout the course of the year. The vehicle has been in production since 1996 and is also known around other parts of the world as the Demio. The new Mazda2 is all set to officially go on sale from next year. If you are a driver looking for many choices and different features when it comes to finding the ideal car, the Mazda2 could be perfect for you.


What brand new features and options for the Mazda 2 can you look forward to?

So in regards to some of those options we were referring to with the new 2 model, it has been confirmed by the mass manufacturer that a total of four engine ranges will go on sale with the vehicle from the time of launch. These come as the brand new SKYACTIV-D 1.5 litre diesel unit which delivers on a power development of 105 brake horse power. There are also three petrol engines on offer which all consist of 1.5 litre units with the difference being the overall power that the variants put out. For these three variations we see developments between 75 and 115 brake horse power. SKYACTIV is very much the theme this time around and this is demonstrated by the brand new chassis that has been included with the car which sees it have much more of a sportier handling to it than past additions which have come before. Technical gadgets and specs are being kept under wraps for now for this city car rival to the likes of the Ford Focus and the Corsa from Vauxhall but more is set to be revealed officially by the brand from the international festival in Rome this week.


When can we expect to see the new Mazda 2 make its presence felt?

Although an exact launch date for the vehicle is yet to be revealed by the Mazda brand directly, we do know that this brand new addition to the Mazda family is expected to arrive on our roads here in the UK and across other parts of the world too from early on into next year. A purchase price for the car remains unknown at this moment in time.