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The Ford Focus ST 2014?

The new Ford Focus ST


The Ford Focus model along with the Ford Fiesta are two of the best selling vehicles in the UK Car Market today. Images have been released online that seem to show a new and updated Ford Focus model that may be used to attack the market in early 2014.


Ford have recently endured their most successful year of sales and most profitable year within the sales year of 2012. They have since continued their success although it is not quite clear on whether or not they have equalled or beaten the success Ford had within 2012.


The Ford Fiesta currently sits above the Ford Focus in the UK sales charts and it has been that way for at least the past 6 months. On the other hand, whilst Ford and other manufacturers have been enjoying the past 18 months or so, others have had to fight their way through.


Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen have all had to assess the European Car Market and ways of returning back to profitable ways. The European Car Market has been a difficult challenge for the majority of manufacturers and manufacturers who depend on home grown sales in particular.


Ford have had a considerable amount of success in their home market of the US and other manufacturers have also targeted the growing market of the US as a way of staying in the profitable margins. Fiat have also targeted and highlighted the US and plan on using the Alfa Romeo brand as a way of returning back to the profitable ways the brand previously experienced.


The new Ford Focus ST model will offer an alternative and updated version of the Focus to the motorists within the UK which might just be enough to keep the US brand on the top. Vauxhall have targeted the top of the UK charts and have been sitting behind the Ford brand waiting patiently for their chance to reach the top.