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New Ferrari California


Ferrari have announced the release of the new California in front of the media and general public alike at this years Geneva motor show and the car looks perfect. Ferrari have always had a great reputation for building the perfect all round, sports vehicle and we believe that this latest addition to the family is indeed no exception. With what has been officially confirmed by the brand we believe that this model could potentially go on to be one of the best selling vehicles in the companies history as a whole.


What's so special about the Ferrari California?


With that being said, what is so special about this all new Ferrari model that makes it stand tall above all other competition. Well clearly with it being a Ferrari branded vehicle it is a lot more powerful than other smaller car brand vehicles such as the likes of Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat but we do believe that this all new model will indeed rank high amongst the likes of Lamborghini and Porsche. So firstly the company have officially confirmed that with this all new Ferrari model, the newly developed 3.9 litre V8 engine that will be fitted to the new model.


In terms of the power output of the model, the 553 units of brake horsepower with the addition of twin scroll turbochargers too. The vehicle will go from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a time of just 3.6 seconds and therefore this new Ferrari machine will have top speeds lined up of 194 miles per hour.


In regards to some of the standout features of the model itself and some all new pieces of added kit you can expect to receive with your brand new California model, we see these come in the shape and form of,an all new suspension setup and revised steering control. All new composite brakes and discs come fully fitted to the vehicle too. Larger air vents, a wider front grille and an all new 6.5 inch touch screen for the interior of the car comes complete as part of the package too.


How much will the Ferrari California set you back?

Firstly we are pleased to report that, you can officially purchase your brand new Ferrari California from your nearest dealership throughout the duration of September this year and you can expect to invest into a brand new Ferrari California at a cost of around £152,000.