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Peugeot reveal the 408 GT

In some car industry news today coming directly out of the French car manufacturing company known as Peugeot, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news which has come out during the weekend regarding a potential 2016 release date for the brands all new 408 GT.


The new model could be set to take the global car industry by storm and possibly even prove to be a contending rival for the likes of, Audi and BMW if all goes according to plan. The brand have always been famous for being different with their models, with vehicles coming from family models right the way to sports machines and,should we see this idea come to life in the future we believe that this is a perfect combination of both.


What we know so far about the Peugeot 408 GT

In regards to building the perfect all round machine, Peugeot have always been a bit of an expert in the field and this is demonstrated by such models that have been previously released by the company which include the likes of the 308 and 208 but this vehicle could very well have the potential to outshine them both. So, with that being said what has and will be set to go into the manufacturing process for the all new 408?


Well firstly it is believed that we will see the additions of a very dynamic front end slimmer designed headlights and a much wider front grille designed to increase air flow intakes for the vehicle. Boomerang tail lights are also expected to come as part of the deal also.


In regards to the engine that this sporty vehicle is set to receive and it's capabilities, we see these come in the shape and form of a choice where we will be all set to see,two petrol engines which come in the shape and form of a 1.2 and 1.6 litre petrol engine that will both carry between 128 and 168 units of bhp respectively. Two diesel engines will also be up for grabs also and we see these come in the shape of a 1.6 and 23.0 litre engine that will be all set to carry between,118 and 178 bhp.


How much will the 408 cost and when?

Sadly everything is still much under lock and key at the moment as a price tag or official release date is still yet to be confirmed by the mass manufacturer but, it is expected that we will see our first glimpse of the car this April at the Bejing motor show with more to be announced there. There is hope though that, we will see the brand new Peugeot 408 GT released onto our streets here in the UK and across other parts of the world from 2016.