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Renault to launch Initiale Paris trim

Renault to launch Initiale Paris trim


The French manufacturer Renault, who are said to be going through a change have released plans to introduce an all new luxury trim labelled as being Initiale Paris. Renault will also plan to introduce the new trim level on the latest Clio model.


The Renault brand has somewhat struggled in terms of mainstream sales figures within the past 12 months, which is more than likely to have been due to the effect of the European economy and the complete loss of demand.


However, the Renault brand believe that the worst is now behind them and that sales figures will now continue to increase. The new luxury trim level is due to be deployed in 2014 and will be used to increase profits and sales figures.


Rival brands Peugeot and Citroen have themselves struggled their way through the current economic crisis in Europe and nearly ended up selling the brand to the US giants General Motors.


Fiat were another brand who struggled their way through the sales year of 2012 and had to sit back and watch as both sales and profit decreased to a record low. It is known that all three of the separate brands who struggled during the economic crisis within Europe may have done so, due to the manufacturers dependence on home grown sales.


Renault market the majority of their models to the French and market the French brand different across Europe. The likes of the Renault Clio appeared to keep the base brand above water whilst fighting off the likes of the Honda Civic and the budget brand at Renault, Dacia seemed to take off.


Fiat is a group of manufacturers all of which seemed to struggle. However, the base brand of Fiat struggled in particular due to the complete dependence of sales within their home country of Italy.


The developments at Renault

However, the boss at both Renault and Nissan seemed to state the economic crisis that was within Europe has seen the worst of it happen. The new luxury trim at Renault will be due in early 2014.

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