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Fiat 500 X SUV


The new 500 X SUV model which is set for a grand launch later on this year has been spied testing on the streets under some hidden disguise. The Fiat 500 is one of the companies finest models on offer to the public now and has been for many years.


In the past vehicles such as the Punto and the Panda have been known to be some of the most recognisable vehicles from Fiat but not quite to the stage that the 500 has. The 500 model is one of the biggest sellers on offer right now and we believe that the addition of an SUV version of the car will bring it nothing but good publicity and sales figures.


What do we know so far about the Fiat 500 X SUV?

What will make this brand new addition to the range later this year something unique to the 500 line up and something special going up head to head with other SUV models such as the likes of the RAV4 from Toyota, the XC60 crossover from Volvo and the Jeep Cherokee? Although nothing is set in stone as of yet, it is highly expected that the car will receive two different engines. The first engine will come as a 1.4 litre turbo and the second being a 1.6 litre Diesel engine. No performance rates and statistics have yet been confirmed for the vehicle as of yet but we do expect to hear more closer to the cars official release. New exterior features have been spotted when the car was spied and we see these come in the form of all new tail lights, a large rear bumper and an all new spoiler also.


A brand new set of round headlights and a mirrors will also join the Fiat 500 X as standard on the original Fiat 500 model.


When will we see the Fiat 500 X unveiled?

The company in charge has not yet come out and announced when this vehicle will be displayed to the general public and media alike but it has been rumoured that the car will see an official reveal at this years Paris motor show which takes place in October. Launch date of somewhere towards the end of the year is also expected.