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What is it that goes into a good all round car ?. Many have different opinions on the matter, Could it be a good decent power output,comfort,gadgets and technology ?. Well whatever the case we certainly think that every car needs a decent amount of interior space. Good leg and head room is always a plus when it comes to purchasing a car. There are many different sorts of vehicle on offer in this day and age that benefit from these features such as saloon models,hatchbacks and city cars too. We have created a list of five of the very best spacious vehicles available on the world wide market right now that have proven to be good sellers for their respective brands. We have vehicles in this list representing numerous brands some quite new models where as some have been around for a while and are still proving to be good sellers. Whether you're looking for a vehicle that is fun for the whole family on those long journeys or even just a short drive into the town, we have you covered right here. So lets start of the countdown.


The five most spacious vehicles on the road right now


The Volkswagen Passat


The first car to find its way into our countdown today is the addition of the Passat model from German car designer Volkswagen. The Passat is a vehicle that has been in production since 1973 and at this point in time is currently in its sixth generation. The Passat is a large family style vehicle that is ideal when it comes to both legroom and headroom also. A number of different variations of the car have also gone on sale over the years also with one of the biggest sellers being the four door coupe version of the car which went on sale in 2008. The Passat comes as a front wheel drive model and also contains a water cooling system. Both saloon and estate versions of the car are made available around the world. In total there are five different variations of the car on sale which include the different trim levels, the entry level S model, the Bluemotion,the Highline, R line and the range topping sport version of the car.


There are many different different features and added pieces of equipment that come along with the Passat varying on which trim level you decide to spend your money on. Expect to receive equipment such as 16 inch alloy wheels,chrome trimmed windows and bumpers,an all new set of tail lights and a DAB digital radio. Higher trim levels also receive 18 inch alloys,Xenon headlights and a built in touch screen system too. Both diesel and petrol engines are made available with the Passat which include variants like 1.4 and 2.0 litre ranges. Power outputs vary on which car you choose to spend your money on but power deliverance begins from 104bhp ranging upwards to 207 brake horse power. The latest version of the Volkswagen Passat can be purchased from a starting price of £20,375 for the entry level S model with the range topping sports model coming in at a grand cost of £27,885.

Volkswagen Passat Shortfall



The Nissan Versa


Coming in next for space in a vehicle is the addition of the Versa model from the Japanese Nissan brand who are perhaps well known right now for Qashqai and Juke models on the road. The very first version of this car was first introduced to the world back in 2006 and production of the car ended just last year with the second generation vehicle coming into play. Over the course of the cars time on the production line, we have seen three different variants of the car go on sale over the years. This would be the Hatchback,the Versa Sedan and the Versa Note. It is worth mentioning that the Versa Note is the second generation of the car and this vehicle was brought into production just last year. The latest version of the car the Versa Note comes as a city car but still benefits from decent interior space. In regards to the power that the car puts out however, we see that one of the most popular sellers in the engine range for the car comes as the 1.6 litre engine which puts out 109 units of brake horse power and also develops more power from the dual injectors included. As standard a five speed transmission system is what is offered with this engine variant. So now delving into that interior space that we are fond of with this car, the Versa Note carries five seats and has 38.3 inches of legroom included. The rear seats can also fold down to increase interior space even more. Some standard features also come along with the car along side additional options. As for the standard pieces of kit a four speaker Aux system comes with the car alongside pockets on the back of the front seats and dual cup holders. There are a total of three different trim levels to choose from for this Nissan vehicle which all benefit from additional upgrades and features. Depending on which trim level you decide to spend your money on, you can expect to feel the full benefits from a leather steering wheel,Bluetooth connectivity, remote keyless entry,16 inch alloy wheels and one touch power windows. Other features also come with higher trim levels.

Nissan Versa Shortfall







The Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback


Reaching the number three spot in out countdown today, comes a much interior focused vehicle from the minds over at Vauxhall which has been on sale right across the globe since 2008 and is still being sold to this day. The vehicle in question of course is the Insignia. The vehicle currently enjoying its first life span still has proven to be a vital player in the success of the Vauxhall brand. The Insignia was the official replacement for the companies Vectra model which was on sale before but without a doubt in our minds, we certainly think that the Insignia has proven to be much more successful than the Vectra model that it replaced. The Insignia is one of the most commonly used vehicles by taxi drivers here in the United Kingdom which just goes to show that in terms of reliability these cars are excellent. The latest update to the car was launched just last year and saw the vehicle come with the additions of a total of nine engines. Both turbo and Ecoflex engines take up the majority of choices. As standard all of the engines come with a standard six speed transmission system although the option of an automatic transmission is also made available with some turbo engines in the line up. A great standard piece of equipment to come along with the car is the addition of stop start technology which comes along with all variants of the car except for one which is the 2.0 litre, CDTi engine. The success of the car has also been recognised over the years with the Insignia achieving the European car of the year award in 2009 and a five star safety rating was also given to the vehicle from NCAP.

Vauxhall Insignia Shortfall



The Kia Optima


Next up in our line up is a car that was designed by Korean manufacturer Kia and has been made available around the world since the year 2000. Over the years the Optima has enjoyed numerous life cycles with the latest version being the vehicles third generation. The latest version of the car went on sale in 2011 eleven years after the first. The first optima model was based on the Sonata from Hyundai the only differences were some exterior design features and additional pieces of equipment. A total of six different engines are currently on offer for the third generation addition which include two diesel engines and four petrol units. The car has gained that much success over the years that the Optima has also been stepped up to compete with some modern day technology along the hybrid front. A hybrid version of the car made its way out of the company with both European and Korean markets expected to receive a 2.0 litre, turbo charged engine when it sees a release over here. A big milestone was also hit by the Kia Optima in 2011 when it set a record for the lowest fuel consumption to be put out of a hybrid vehicle. The interior space for the car is also very good as we see a height of 57.3 inches and a width of 72.2 inches make this car great for leg and head room. Its not just space that comes as a welcome feature for this car though as we also see some additional pieces of technology and both interior and exterior features come along with the car. Some of these good selling points included with the car include the likes of heated and cooled front seating,carbon inserts for the interior cabin,a built in infotainment system,a built in sat nav and a panoramic roof also.

Kia Optima Shortfall







The Skoda Octavia Hatchback


Our final addition to this list is the Skoda Octavia Hatchback. The Octavia is certainly one of the vehicles that has helped to boost the reputation of the Skoda brand in a very positive way. The very first Octavia vehicle was introduced around the world back in 1959 and was produced up until the year 1971. It was only from 1996 though when production of the car was relaunched that the vehicle achieved more success than ever before. The car is still being produced to this day and has proven to be one of the most spacious vehicles that is on offer around the globe today. The Octavia is a five door model which is available in both a Hatchback or Estate version with much interior space as far as leg and head room goes being a key selling point for the car. The Octavia is one of those ideal vehicles for long journeys or even if you're just driving into town. As far as the interior space goes a total length of 183.45 inches comes with the car with the width of the vehicle measuring 71.4 inches. A total of six engine variations come along with the Octavia here in the United Kingdom with four of them being petrol and the alternative two being diesels. The choice of either a five or six speed manual transmission comes as standard with the car although the options of a six speed and seven speed automatic transmission is also made available. A CNG Octavia model is also set to go on sale which will be powered by a turbo petrol engine.

Skoda Octavia Shortfall



How influential have these vehicles proven to be ?


These vehicles have certainly proven to make an impact around the world since they were originally launched and have delivered on a good driving experience for customers all around the world. Many drivers have been pleased with these cars over the years and they have provided a good fun experience for the whole family also. Without a doubt these vehicles have the potential to maintain some good strong sales figures well into the future and we have no trouble in believing this will very much be the case.