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Honda Civic Type R at the Geneva Motor Show


In some upcoming vehicle release news today we are pleased to report on one of next years vehicle releases from Japanese car brand known as Honda which comes your way in the form of the all new Civic Type R model which will be officially set to be launched here in the UK and around other countries too within the first six months of 2015.


Over the years Honda have certainly asserted their dominance in the motorbike world and now, they are trying to do the same in the car world. They have had much success already with vehicles such as the Jazz and of course the Civic. The mass manufacturer though are hoping to boost sales and gain new interest into their car side of things with this all new updated Civic type R vehicle.


What makes the Honda Civic type R something special?


So with that being said, what is it about this all new Civic model from the brand that makes it stand out in both todays new and used car industry and why should you choose to make the investment into one of these models over anything else currently available?


Well firstly we take a look at the engine and its performance specs. We see the vehicle come with a 2.0 litre petrol engine which comes with a turbo charger and a direct fuel injection system. The Civic type R also produces 276 units of brake horse power and will therefore make the dart from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just six seconds flat. Its not just the engine that impresses us so far, we also see some added pieces of equipment that come along with the model although all have not been revealed as of yet we do know that you can expect to see electric windows, sports seats and air conditioning as standard. More will be announced ahead of the vehicles launch we believe.


With these engine and component combinations though, we believe that the Civic type R could very well prove to be an excellent rival for similar models from rival brands, such as the likes of Nissan, Ford and Vauxhall.


What will be the selling price on the Honda Civic type R?

Although we do not currently have a release date confirmed for this Civic model, we do know that the vehicle will be ready for launch at some point throughout the first half of 2015. In regards to a price tag that will come along with the Honda Civic type R, we believe that you will be looking somewhere around the £26,500 price area for your brand new Honda machine.