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In some exciting upcoming vehicle reveal news today, we take another look into the Bejing motor show which is all set to happen later this week and a brand new vehicle from the Infiniti brand which will come your way in the shape and form of the Q50 EAU rouge model. Over the years we have seen some vehicle's from Infiniti who have released some great models which combine comfort and power and, we believe that this all new Q50 model will benefit greatly from both of these attributes and could very well go on to be one the best sellers from the company in the brand's history if, it has success that the company owners are hoping for. This model joins a long line up of cars to be revealed this week and we believe that with what we know so far, it could very well to be the finest too.


The specs of the Infiniti Q50 EAU model

So we expect to hear a lot of neat features be announced this week from Bejing and we believe that this model will certainly appeal to those looking for a performance based car. So without further or do lets take a look under the bonnet of this spectacular vehicle. Well firstly we see the introduction of,a 3.8 litre, twin turbo V6 engine that will overall produce 552 brake horse power which shares the same engine as the Nissan GT R model. The vehicle will come your way in the form of a four wheel drive variation and will also benefit from a seven speed,dual clutch gearbox. In regards to the overall look and design layout of the car itself, we think that it shares some similar features to past Hyundai models made available on the market and we see a long sloping bonnet come with the car that we think could very well help boost performance rates and agility. No word yet as to whether the vehicle will be made available in any other colour than red which was the base colour originally shown.


So with these key attributes in mind, we do believe that this all new Infiniti model could very well prove to a be a good contending rival for other car brands such as the likes of, Vauxhall and Audi.


A glimpse into the future for Infiniti and the Q50 Rouge

Unfortunately at this point in time , we do not currently have an official launch date or price tag confirmed to come along with this Q50 EAU Rouge model. We do believe that all of this information and more will certainly be announced throughout the course of this week live from the Bejing motor show.