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The current two months are some of the busiest times of the year for the automotive industry. This month sees new registration number plates launched for the 2015 year but next month the annual car extravaganza the Paris motor show is all set to return. There are brand new developments on the upcoming show literally every day and it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest goings on concerning the event. That is why today here at Shortfall we have all of the latest news stories for you concerning the show itself. A lot of these stories have been broken over the course of the past five days and represent brand new vehicle additions making their way to the United Kingdom and across other parts of the world also. The stories we are covering today are some of the most eye catching features to be revealed for the Paris motor show and we believe that these stories may very well be the best things of the Paris motor show for 2014 to date.


The latest goings on and developments for the Paris motor show

The Volkswagen Polo GTI

Our first news story today to come out of the weeks automotive news, is the addition of the Polo GTI more powerful version which has been produced by the brand and is all set to go on sale shortly after the cars reveal at the Paris motor show next month. The Polo GTI is currently the most high powered version of the vehicle that Volkswagen have on offer. This version of the car that the brand have been working on benefits from even more power though which could very well make it one of the biggest and best sellers to go on sale from the brand ever since the very first generation Polo went on sale in the 1970's. This brand new version of the car will receive a turbocharged 1.8 litre,four cylinder unit which is also used in some of the Audi brands biggest selling vehicles. Power for this version of the car has been confirmed to be boosted up by a total of 11bhp which sees a rise from that of the standard Polo GTI. Therefore a deliverance of 189bhp comes as part of the package. The previous addition to the range received a seven speed,dual shift transmission system as standard but now this is option is exactly that, an optional extra. The standard transmission to come along with the car now is a six speed manual.

Both sports seating and a new sports steering wheel are included for the interior of the vehicle as is the new tailgate spoiler and redesigned bumpers. The vehicle will be revealed at the Paris motor show and will go on sale very soon after in the same month. No word yet on a price tag to come along with the car but we do expect to hear more on this in Paris if not before.


Renault answer the French governments mpg challenge

Our next piece of news today comes from the Renault brand and involves the French government. The Government over in France have officially issued a challenge to car manufacturers to see if they can put a car into production by the year 2020 which returns 141mpg and helps fuel economy vastly. Many manufacturers have answered the challenge this week but Renault have one of the biggest responses. Renault's new Eolab concept vehicle is said to be a pre production of the technology and performance abilities and put outs that the firm are hoping for over the course of the next ten years. The Eolab concept will be officially unveiled in Paris next month and focuses on designing a lightweight vehicle,fuel efficiency and much more revamped aero dynamic abilities from a vehicle. The vehicle is intended to weigh even less than the Clio model by around thirty percent. The hybrid vehicle has been confirmed to consist of a 1.0 litre,three cylinder Sce petrol unit which will develop on 74 brake horse power and will also be joined alongside by the electric motor which on its own is expected to see a deliverance of 54 brake horse power. Two built in touch screens will come fitted to the interior cabin of the model and these will display sat nav directions and car information. A set of 19 inch carbon alloy wheels will help the car out greatly when it comes to lightweight materials and Michelin tyres have also been confirmed to make it onto the concept idea. It is uncertain as to whether or not the vehicle will officially go on sale but if it does, it is expected that the car will not see launch for around another three years. It is expected that if the car is to go into production it could very well come in with a price tag of just over the £30,000 figure.


Another French brand answers the governments challenge

In a follow up to the story we have informed you of above, another manufacturer has also joined the race to get a 141mpg returning vehicle into production by 2020. The manufacturer in question here is the Peugeot brand who have confirmed the idea of the Quartz SUV hybrid concept vehicle. The SUV market has rapidly increased over the course of the past eight years and continues to improve even now. The hybrid market is another sector which has seen some vast increases in model development and what better way to celebrate the two by developing a combination of both sectors and responding to the French government at the same time. The Quartz is set to be a high powered model and it also shares some similar looks and design structure to that of the Citroen C4 Cactus.

Regarding the hybrid powertrain and motor to find its way into the model, we see that the Quartz receives the additions of a 1.6 litre,THP petrol engine which sees 168 brake horse power delivered and the inclusion of two electric motors will also come along with this car. With both the power from the engine and both electric motors combined, we see the Quartz develop on a total of 493bhp. A six speed automatic transmission system is also included with Peugeot's new hybrid SUV concept. It has been stated that from an all electric driving mode, the car will reach around 31 miles from a full distance charge. A multi functioning steering wheel is also thrown into the mix as are two digital dashboard readout systems and an all new heads up display. Nothing has been stated as of yet regarding a price tag or launch date for the car if it is to see production but we do expect to hear more on the situation at the motor show in Paris next month.


Details confirmed on the new Vauxhall Adam S

The more performance orientated version of the Vauxhall Adam has been confirmed and news has broken over the past day regarding confirmed features to come along with this new car. The first public reveal of the Adam S will arrive in Paris next month and will the vehicle will officially go on sale from January next year. This version of the Adam has been designed from more lightweight materials than the standard Adam and receives a much more powerful engine. Now regarding those new features confirmed for the car, we see the Adam S come fully fitted with a 1.4 litre,turbocharged petrol unit. A standard six speed manual transmission also comes fitted with the car which combined with the engine sees a power output of 148bhp. This means that the Adam S will be capable of achieving the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 8.5 seconds overall. A red trim and fully leather upholstery also finds a place in the Adam S as does the infotainment system that come fitted with the new Adam S. A brand new bodykit, spoiler and 18 inch alloy wheels also find a place of pride in the Adam S. A price tag remains unconfirmed at this stage in time for the car but expect to hear more on this at the Paris motor show or shortly after.


Citroen reveal their new C4 Cactus concept vehicle

The Citroen brand have also been one of the other manufacturers who have responded to the French governments challenge to develop a 141mpg returning vehicle. This has been done by Citroen by introducing the concept of the new C4 Cactus. The vehicle is being known as the Airflow concept. The mass manufacturer have also confirmed details on the specifications of the car and some brand new features that come along with the car. So engine wise a 1.2 litre,Puretech petrol engine which sees a power development of 81bhp. Other features like a hydraulic pump and an epicyclic transmission system are also included. Thanks to the engine unit that has been used in the new C4 Cactus idea, we see that the car is capable of reaching a total top speed limit of 120 miles per hour and will make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 9.5 seconds. Both aluminium and carbon fibre have been used on the air bumps on this Cactus model to help aid a more lightweight driving experience. LED lighting, a brand new spoiler and 19 inch wheels are also brand new additions to the car. There is sadly no news as of yet regarding a price for the car or even if it is to go into production. Expect to hear more on this matter next month though.


What else can we expect to see from the Paris motor show ?

So as far as other news regarding the Paris motor show is concerned, there are a lot more vehicles all set to be revealed next month which include brand new models and different variants of current generation cars. This years show is cram packed and will be full of excitement that will help benefit the future of the car industry.