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We are delighted today to bring you the news that the all new Mercedes AMG GT has gone on sale with order books on the vehicle opening today. The vehicle can be ordered from your local Mercedes showroom right now ahead of the first set of deliveries arriving for customers here in the UK from April next year. The models full specifications have now been revealed aswell as all trim levels and variants also being announced. If you are wondering what these new variants are and what features they will benefit from then look no further as we have all of the news right here for you in one place.


Everything you need to know about the AMG GT

The AMG GT-S was first revealed to the world last month from the Paris motor show for the first time ever and has been confirmed to be the new main sports car that the German firm offer in their range. All variants of the car will receive the same engine unit which will be a four litre,twin turbo charged V8 engine unit with multiple power outputs. The variant of the car that will arrive first will be the GT-S and the Edition 1 models. Power outputs for these models come in at 503 brake horse power. These models will arrive in April next year.


There is also the GT model which will run at 456bhp but the news here is that this model will not arrive in showrooms until around October of next year. A seven speed, dual clutch transmission will come as standard with all of the models across the range and are rear wheel drive models. The interior of the range comes in a Red and Black colour scheme but only two seats come in the vehicle meaning no passengers in the back. Where passenger seating lacks though the boot more than makes up for as you will receive 350 litres of boot space in total.


Features such as 19 and 20 inch wheels make for a great look for the vehicle as does the rear wing and a removable spoiler. It is perhaps the optional extras to come along with the car however that put it high up in the ranks amongst the Porsche 911 and the F Type from British firm Jaguar. A panoramic sunroof,a reversing camera and a keyless start system are included with these options. Michelin Pilot sport cup 2 tyres are also another keen extra.


What prices come along with these models?

So listing the vehicles in order of their release now, we see that the first models to arrive are the GTS and Edition 1 models. The Edition 1 will begin at a cost of £110,495 whereas the GT-S will begin at £122,745. The late arriving GT model however will come in with a cost of £97,195.