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Brand new Jaguar XF for 2016 is spotted!


The Nurburgring in Germany has been a popular location for vehicles being tested over the years with some of the most recent including the brand new Range Rover Sport and the the brand new SUV model from the Bentley brand. This week has also been a popular time for the track as the brand new XF model set to go on sale next year from the British giant Jaguar has also been spotted undergoing testing. It was a number of months ago and just last week at the Paris motor show that the brand officially revealed their brand new XE model. With much success planned for the XE, it is strongly believed that this new XF addition will follow suit.


The reason for this is that a lot of the same features as used on the XE can be found in the brand new XF addition such as the aluminium body work that has gone into the car during its time on the production line. The XF itself will also be a saloon model and some big reductions in weight of the car are expected to come into play too. The XF has been produced since 2007 and has had many different variants go on sale over the years. What will the brand new version of the car for 2016 bring to the table though in order to make it one of the most must buy cars of the year?


The expectations and speculation around the new Jaguar XF model for 2016

So regarding some of these brand new alteration that have been made to the car, of course the aluminium body work and the light weight driving experience is one of the main focal areas. The engine range that will come along with the vehicle remain unconfirmed at this moment in time but it is highly believed that the vehicle will include a selection of both petrol and diesel units. A 3.0, V6 supercharged variant is expected to go on sale, a 2.0, four cylinder petrol unit and additions from Jaguars new Ingenium engine line up are expected too. It remains unconfirmed as to what platform the new XF will run on but both four wheel drive and rear wheel drive are expected to become available from the time of launch.


The vehicle was under disguise when it was spotted testing at the Nurburgring but the car is considerably larger than the new XE model in terms of length. Transmission systems are unknown but a nine speed transmission is a high possibility as seen in many Jaguar models that have come before. If this is the case, we could very well see the new XF prove to be that ideal source of competition that brands such as Audi and BMW with the five series range are looking for.


Plans for the future of the Jaguar XF

There is a high chance that a hybrid version of the car could soon follow shortly after the release of the new XF. Prices are unknown as of yet but it is believed that the new XF is all set for a launch on our roads and across other markets world wide at some point throughout the course of 2016. As soon as more news is revealed about the XF we will keep you updated.