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The BMW 520d touring model sees a grand launch

In some of the latest vehicle release news today, we our casting our attention to German manufacturer BMW who have recently launched their brand new 520d touring model onto our streets here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. The BMW brand have always been well known for bringing in vehicles which benefit from aspects like good all round power, comfort and some of the most up to date technology features that can be purchased with a car in this day and age. So does the new 520d touring addition meet this criteria and can it prove to be something special on European markets?


The features and specs of the BMW 520d touring vehicle


So first of all here, we are going to take a look into the power and performance side of things and just how well this vehicle can actually perform on the road. So firstly with a look into the engine range made available with the brand new 520d, we see that during production time, the manufacturer has officially fitted a four cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine which combined with the eight speed automatic transmission system that comes along with the car as standard, will see an overall power deliverance of 187 brake horse power.


Overall we see an overall top speed of just over 140 miles per hour with the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour being achieved in just under the eight second area. The eight speed automatic transmission is an optional extra but the six speed transmission is the standard. Many manufacturers have proven to be ideal rivals for the BMW 5 series line up over the years including British company Jaguar and German manufacturer Mercedes amongst many more. Can this new touring version of the 520d prove to do much of the same though?


What's the purchase price on the BMW 520d touring?


£35,840 is the official price tag that comes along with this new BMW vehicle and we are delighted to inform you of the good news that the purchase can be made and the car can be driven away from your local BMW dealership right now.  

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