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The Mercedes Benz S Class S300 model

The German company known as Mercedes have recently launched one of their brand new models onto our roads here in the United Kingdom and it makes it's way to you in the shape and form of the all new S Class S300 model. The vehicle itself benefits from a lot of interior space and is fun for the whole family. This vehicle takes the attributes of both power and comfort and combines the two perfectly.


The S Class line up for Mercedes is one of the most popular from the manufacturer amongst other big sellers such as the C Class line up and the SLK. So what is it about this brand new S300 model that the brand have produced that helps it make an impact on the world wide car market and what edge does this car hold over rivals such as the Audi A8?


The key selling points of the Mercedes Benz S Class S300

So if we take a look into what has gone into this new addition of S Class model, we first aim our attention at the engine and performance rates of this Hybrid model. Firstly we see the inclusion of a 2.1 litre,four cylinder engine that is also joined alongside by an electric motor. A seven speed,automatic transmission system also comes as part of the package too. A top speed of 149 miles per hour is the maximum that this vehicle will reach, with the 0 to 62 miles per hour dash taking a time of just 7.6 seconds. In regards to the power output of the S300, we see this hit out at 201 brake horse power overall.


Performance wise and with how well this car performs, we see the likes of Range Rover and BMW as some healthy competition for the latest S Class.


What does the Mercedes S Class S300 sell for?

We are firstly pleased to bring you the news that this brand new addition to the Mercedes line up is on sale now and can be purchased from selected Mercedes dealership's up and down the country. If you're looking to purchase one of these models, you can can do so for a total of £72,260 brand new.

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