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The Mercedes C220 Blue Tec on sale now

In some of the latest vehicle release news today, we are pleased to report on the official release of the brand new C220 Blue Tec vehicle that has recently gone on sale courtesy of the German car brand Mercedes.


The same company have been responsible for some of the best models on sale from the likes of the SLK to the C Class right the way through to the S Class and we believe that with the C220 Blue Tec model the company could be set for much more success than ever before. Although this particular model is not the most powerful or greatest handling vehicle that the mass manufacturer has on offer right now,we do believe this car could still be destined for much success and could prove to be a big time rival for some similar vehicles from the likes of BMW and Audi.


What makes the Mercedes C220 Blue Tec special?

So what has gone into this particular model during it's time on the production line to help it stand out and why should you spend your hard earned cash on this particular variation in the Mercedes line up? So if we take a look at the power and performance side of things, we see the insertion of a 2.1 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine which is capable of reaching top speeds of 145 miles per hour. With that being said we see this vehicle make the jump from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a good time of only 7.4 seconds. Overall 168 brake horse power is put out by the C220. This C220 model is a rear wheel drive variant and it also comes fully fitted with a seven speed automatic transmission system too.


With these key performance rates in mind,we see this particular model as an ideal rival for other top selling car companies such as Porsche and Jaguar.


How much does the Mercedes C220 Blue Tec sell for?

We are firstly pleased to let you know that this brand new addition to the Mercedes line up is available to purchase right now from your nearest Mercedes dealership here in the UK. In regards to the price tag that comes along with the Blue Tec, expect to make the purchase for a total cost of £34,355.