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The arrival of the brand new luxury S63 AMG model from Mercedes has officially landed and we are pleased to make you aware of the great news that the car is available to purchase from your local Mercedes dealership right now. The Mercedes brand have always been very well known for designing vehicles which take the perfect attributes of power, comfort and technological advancements and combine the three perfectly. We believe that with this brand new addition of the S63 to the AMG range, that is exactly what you can expect to receive this time too. Everything about the car has been confirmed to be designed to the highest standard including quick performance rates to superb handling. With so many vehicles being released throughout the course of this year and next year, it can be easy for vehicles to get caught up and overlooked from time to time but the Mercedes S63 AMG is definitely not one of those vehicles. In our opinion, this could very well prove to be one of the must own vehicles of this year. So now we are about to take you into the specifics of the car which set it out above all of the rest.


The excitement and what the Mercedes S63 AMG delivers on

So what kind of features can you expect the new S63 AMG to deliver on in terms of an exciting driving experience. So firstly we will take a look into the power aspect of the car. Firstly we see that during production time, the brand have included the fitting of a 5.5 litre,V8 twin turbo engine which combined with the addition of the seven speed,dual clutch transmission system officially helps to deliver on a total of 576 brake horse power. With these attributes being taken into consideration, we see that the vehicle will reach a top speed limitation of 186 miles per hour which is helped along by the 4.3 seconds in which it takes the car to reach the 62 miles per hour speed zone from a standing start. A Bespoke air suspension system also helps the car to develop on a much smoother driving experience.


A full leather interior also comes along for the ride in a Brown paint scheme. Both adaptive cruise control and a steering assist system also finds its place of pride in the S63 AMG. Semi autonomous steering is perhaps the neatest gadget in this car as it allows the vehicle to do some of the work for you meaning, if you set a steady speed and distance,the vehicle will automatically keep in the correct lane whilst using the brake and accelerate pedals for you. If you remove your hands from the steering wheel it also steers for you for a period of time after which a warning system will remind you to take control again. In terms of these features, there is very little out there that could match up in comparison. The semi autonomous driving assistance is very remarkable. Comfort and power wise though, we would advise you to take a look in the direction of brands such as Porsche and Audi for competition.


What does the Mercedes S63 AMG cost?

If you are wondering about how much it would set you back to make the purchase on this luxurious car, we are pleased to make you aware of the news that the vehicle can be purchased right now across the UK and other various markets world wide. In regards to a price to come along with the car,expect to pay out £124,715 for a mid range version of the car whereas the range topping version stands at a firm price of £183,000.