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In some news today coming out of the MG motor company, we are pleased to report on a potential upcoming vehicle release for the mass manufacturer which will come in the form of an all new EV model the MG6. Electronic vehicles as of late are proving to be a key member of the car industry on both the new and used car markets. We have seen them achieve success with models such as the Leaf from Japanese company Nissan and the i3 from German manufacturer BMW. This all new M6 EV though has received a first set of official tests and if it is to see a grand launch as it is just a concept vehicle at this stage in time, it could very well go on to be one of the must own EV models available on the market.


What key performance rates did the MG6 EV come up with ?

So what is it that this particular EV model has that others currently do not and why should you choose to invest your hard earned money into this specific model if it is to see a grand launch ?. Well firstly as you may have presumed, it comes along with an electric motor which will help the car reach top speeds of 81 miles per hour. This is helped along by the 14.6 seconds it takes this model to make the leap from zero to 62 miles per hour. The concept machine is a front wheel drive variant and we highly expect that if the car does see a launch it will very much prove to be the case officially. 70 brake horse power is the current power output for the car and it is also installed with a CVT gearbox too. From a full charge on the battery it is stated that this model will range anywhere from 50 to 71 miles before needing another battery charge.


One of the main healthy sources of competition for this particular model could very well be the Volkswagen up!


The future for MG and the EV

This model is just a concept design at this moment in time and sadly nothing is set in stone as of yet regarding a launch or even a price area that would surround the MG6 EV. We expect to hear more on this matter over the course of the upcoming months.