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The power orientated version of the popular Megane model from French manufacturer Renault is on sale now and is proving to be a hit amongst customers around the world. This brand new model named the Megane 275 Trophy R is a compact sports car that has been designed in order to rival other sports vehicles from city car manufacturers such as the Fiesta ST and the Volkswagen Golf R. Does the new Renault model succeed though when it comes to delivering an unforgettable driving experience and does it sit high up in the ranks as its rivals?


Key features and specifications of the Megane 275 Trophy R

With the vehicle being a powerful model with power being the brands top priority for the car,we begin our look around the vehicle today with a look underneath the bonnet of the car to the direct power source. Renault have included the fitting of a two litre,four cylinder,turbo unit.


This helps the vehicle reach a top speed of 158mph with the car arriving at the 62 miles per hour area from a standing start in just 5.8 seconds only. A standard six speed manual transmission system also comes along with this front wheel drive model. A development of 271 brake horse power just further displays the work that has gone into the vehicle during the design process and 360NM of torque also fits in nicely.


For a sporty feel for the 275 Trophy R, the firm have also included some sports features inside of the vehicle which include body hugging Recaro racing seats and harness seat belts. A set of aluminium pedals and a three spoke steering wheel are also thrown into the mix. Performance based vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the years go by and companies such as Vauxhall with the recently announced Corsa VXR are looking to change the face of the industry in the future with brand new models. So will the Megane 27 Trophy R continue to bring in the competition for these top brands in the future?


Can you expect a high price on such a sporty car?

For the exciting driving experience that you will receive from the 275 Trophy R, it comes as no surprise that Renault have included a price tag to come along with the vehicle of £36,430. If you would like to add some Renault performance experience into your life,visit your local Renault dealership right now.