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The crossover market within the automotive industry is vastly increasing as the years go by and we have seen many firms release some good sellers over the space of the past year in this division. One of the biggest contenders that comes to mind is of course the addition of the Fiat Panda Cross. Now our focus today is aimed at the Czech car firm who have undoubtedly become one of the top players in the car industry over the years with vehicle additions such as the Octavia and the Fabia, Skoda. We are today looking at the brand new Monte Carlo variant of the popular selling Yeti.


The Yeti is a vehicle that has been in production since 2009 and now more than five years later, it is still proving to be a good,keen seller for the mass manufacturer. The Monte Carlo addition is based on the standard SE line up from the firm but also adds some brand new features into the mix. The reasoning behind the Monte Carlo name is that Skoda have marketed the vehicle under this name in order to celebrate its 113 years of participation in the Monte Carlo rally. Is the vehicle just as amazing as its 113 year history with the rally championship though?


Brand new parts and specs of the Skoda Yeti Monte Carlo model

Looking now into some of the brand new changes that find their place into this particular Skoda addition, we see that the firm have included just the one engine range which comes along with the car as standard and that is the two litre,four cylinder turbo diesel engine unit. If we combine this with the standard six speed,manual transmission system that has been included with the car during production time, we see that the vehicle develops on an overall 168 units of brake horse power in total. Looking now at the top speed that the car reaches, expect to make the sprint from a standing start to 62 miles per hour in a steady time of 8.4 seconds which then progresses on to an overall top speed limitation of 125mph. The Monte Carlo model is also ran on an all wheel drive platform. An automatic DSG transmission system is however offered with the car as an optional extra which costs an extra £1,100 on top of the standard purchase price.


Now with a look into some of the changes that have been made to the exterior design of the car, we see that the vehicle is now fitted with changes such as 17 inch alloy wheels and all new gloss Black designs have also been added to the mirrors, grille, roof and the vehicles rear diffuser. One of the biggest changes to come along with this car however are the changes in which have been made inside the car which include a faux carbon fibre trim,a leather steering wheel and all new sports seating.


How much has the Skoda Yeti Monte Carlo gone on sale for?

Regarding a price tag that comes along with this Monte Carlo crossover model, we are pleased to bring to your attention the news that the purchase can be made for a total of £24,390 with the car being available to purchase and drive away from your local Skoda showroom right now.