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In some of the latest breaking news today coming out of the automotive industry we are pleased to report on the news that the Suzuki brand have announced a brand new upgrade to their current SZ4 Swift model. The manufacturer have confirmed that a brand new engine range is all set to come along with the Swift. It was in the year 2000 that we first seen the Swift model produced and put on sale. Over the course of the past fourteen years the Swift has become one of the biggest selling city cars on the market and all for good reason. It has received three life cycles since 2000 with one of the latest models arriving in 2010.The firm have officially confirmed that this brand new addition to the range will receive brand new upgrades to the engine which has been developed in order for the vehicle to develop better fuel economy. Some brand new changes can also be found in regards to some of the extra pieces of kit that come along with the car also.


The all new features to look out for with the Suzuki Swift

So now with a look into just what brand new parts and changes can be found within the Swift model, we now see that regarding the changes that have been made in order to help out with better fuel economy, we see that the engine of the car now receives a 1.2 litre, dualjet petrol unit. The main difference with this unit is that it receives two injectors per each cylinder. This will produce a smoother driving experience and vastly helps to improve fuel economy. C02 emissions will also be an aspect of the Swift to be altered by this change as the brand have confirmed that with the inclusion of the new engine, you can expect to see 99g/km emitted overall. Thanks to the newly upgraded line up we see that the vehicle also comes along fitted with a five speed,manual transmission system and will deliver on 89 units of brake horse power overall. A top speed of 103 miles per hour is also expected to be reached thanks to the new upgrades made to the engine on the Swift.


Over the course of the cars history, we have seen it bring the fight to the likes of the Ford Fiesta model and the Vauxhall Corsa aswell as even more strong selling city cars on the market. So can this new engine upgrade be enough to maintain this heated level of competition. Well that is where some brand new pieces of equipment to come along with the Swift also come into play. It has been confirmed that features such as a DAB digital radio,air conditioning,cruise control,a built in sat nav system and a keyless entry system will also come thrown into the mix this time around.


At what price will the newly updated Suzuki Swift go on sale for?

It is uncertain at this moment in time as to when these brand new changes will start to affect the Suzuki Swift line up but we do know that a purchase price of somewhere around the £15,000 area is expected to come along with the car which would equal around a £500 increase from the current SZ4 trim level.