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It is a known fact that over time your vehicle will indeed lose value. From the minute you drive your new vehicle off the forecourt value is already dropped from the original purchase price that you paid for your vehicle. It all varies on which car it is that you are buying though. Some vehicles retain value better than some others available on the market. Some on the other hand drop increasingly quickly. The majority of vehicles lose around fifteen to twenty percent of their original value each year. When the vehicle loses the value from that of it's original purchase price, this is what is typically known as depreciation. The first year of ownership of a vehicle is when the value for your car rapidly decreases. The way the value of the vehicle works is that the retail price is what you originally pay for the car. Then as soon as you drive off the forecourt the value of your vehicle goes back to the wholesale price which basically means what the seller would buy it back from you for.


There are the majority of vehicles which rapidly lose their value from the minute they are purchased and driven away. Every now and again though you come across a vehicle which holds the value reasonably well. Today here at Shortfall we have looked into the top ten vehicles available here in the United Kingdom which hold their value the best. These vehicles listed below have achieved good percentages on the value retained on them either after ownership for three years,reaching 30,000 miles on the clock or both.


The top ten vehicle list


So coming in at number ten is the Corvette Z06 Coupe model from between 2005 and 2010.

This vehicle comes to us courtesy of the American car company Chevrolet. The Z06 Corvette after three years ownership or 30,000 miles in the clock has bee proven to retain 65.6 percent of it's original value from when it was originally purchased. The vehicle comes in the manner of a sporty vehicle. It benefits from good all round handling and power. A V8 six cylinder engine helped to achieve such standards of power for the car which produced a strong showing of 400 brake horse power overall. As standard a six speed transmission system came along with this vehicle and it was only made available as a rear wheel drive variant. It wasn't just the power and performance side of things though that helped this car to make an impact up to 2010. Some added pieces of equipment also found their way into this vehicle and some of these pieces of kit including the likes of a leather interior, heated mirrors,heated seating, cruise control,dual zone climate control and painted alloy wheels.


In at ninth place for the least car depreciation is the Viano diesel from Mercedes :

The model range affected here is the vehicles from the years 2004 to 2010. It has been confirmed that the Viano diesel from 2004 to 2010 maintains 66.2 percent of value from when it was originally purchased. The Viano diesel was made available in a range of three different engines which consist of two 2.2 litre, turbo engines are the option of a 3 litre V6 engine. The differences between the 2.2 litre engines are that one of them produces a grand total of 134 brake horse power, will reach an all round top speed of 108 miles per hour and will make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a total time of 14.1 seconds overall.


The other 2.2 litre engine can achieve the top speed limit of 117 miles per hour,takes 12.1 seconds to hit 62 miles per hour from the standstill and produces a total power output of 161 brake horse power. The high powered V6 engine on the other hand is the range topping variant and we see that it produces 221 bhp,completes the 62 mile per hour sprint in 9.1 seconds and hits 125mph.

In eighth position with a retained value of 68.2 percent..the Kia Sportage.

The Sportage range affected by the good depreciation rates here go from 2010 right up until the present day. So if we take a look into the Sportage model which is currently the latest model to see a release onto the market we see that the 2014 edition of this vehicle comes with a range of engines on offer. Some of these include the entry level of the 2.0 litre,CRDi engine. A 1.7 litre CRDi diesel motor also comes as an alternative. Regarding some of the latest in technological advancements for this years version of the car, we see the fittings of 16/17/18 inch alloy wheels which ever you decide you would like best. An LED rear light cluster also comes as a welcome addition to the exterior of the vehicle. A 4.2 inch TFT LCD screen also comes fully fitted with the Sportage although 4.3 inch TFT screens are also available in some different variants of the car. The new Sportage went on sale from March of this year and it sells for a cost of £17,495 rising upwards to £29,495 brand new.


Taking the seventh spot on the top ten list is the Audi Q5 diesel (2008-2012)

This Audi vehicle affecting models produced from 2008 up until 2012 has proven to keep value very well. The Q5 leaves a lasting impression on a lot of drivers as do the majority of Audi vehicles on offer today. This turbocharged line up comes with much interior space and is a perfect vehicle for the whole family. Whether you want it for those long journeys or just a quick drive around town, this could be the perfect diesel motor to suit your needs. With an eight speed automatic transmission system that runs along side the 2.0 litre,diesel engine we see the car benefit from a lot of power and comfort. The Q5 has retained 69.1 % of its original value.

Audi Q5 Shortfall






Just missing out at the half way points is the Land Rover Discovery (2009 to present) :

We see this vehicle reach in at the number six spot on our list. Land Rover who work along side the British manufacturer Jaguar have seen much success around the world time and time again with the Discovery line up. As far as keeping the value on your car is concerned, the Discovery model from 2009 onwards has retained 69.2 percent of it's original value. This comes as no surprise as the vehicle comes with plenty of power and comfort features. We see that the latest Discovery on the road right now is capable of putting out 253 brake horse power which helps the car to make the standard sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 8.8 seconds. All variations of the car also come fully fitted with an eight speed,automatic transmission. Some neat technology features are also included as optional extras for the vehicle which include a 17 speaker Meridian sound system,blind spot monitoring and T junction cameras. The price tag to come along with this Discovery addition ranges from £38,850 to £52,475.


Coming in at the half way point on our list is the Skoda Yeti diesel from2009 onwards.

The latest Yeti model seen a world wide release back in January of this year. In regards to the engine line up you can expect to receive with this all new Yeti model we see that this car benefits from a range of choices which include the 1.8 litre,TSi engine and secondly the 2.0 litre,TDi. A range of equipment also comes along with the Yeti which include 17 inch alloy wheels,dual zone air conditioning,heated seating,Bi xenon headlights and cruise control. The price range for the Yeti model range from £18,110 up to £26,625.

Skoda Yeti Shortfall


Taking the fourth spot on our list is the X3 diesel model from German manufacturer BMW.

The vehicle production range from 2010 up until present has proven to retain 70.63 percent of it's original retail value. The X3 only has diesel engines made available with the choice of no petrol models on offer. The range of diesels include two 3.0 litre variants which one comes twin turbo charged. This vehicle comes your way in the manner of an SUV and in a car industry right now where SUV vehicles are on the increase by the day, we think BMW have got it spot on with the X3 line up and this car could very well continue to rule the SUV market for many years to come.


BMW X3 Shortfall





Now we reach the top three spots for car depreciation....Taking the number three place is the well loved sports car..the Porsche 911 GT Coupe model produced from 2009-2012.

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic sports vehicles that has ever gone on sale around the world. It benefits from power and comfort which makes for a good all rounder and has proven to be one of the most recognised vehicles in the world since the original introduction of the model back in 1963. The 2012 version of the car featured the use of a 3.8 litre engine which helped the 911 GT to put out 450 brake horse power. A six speed manual transmission system was only made available with the car. Some of the best features of this car were said to be the improved interior features that it benefited from and its neat design features.


Just missing out on the top spot at second position is the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 model.

The Diesel SW variant produced from 2008 up until 2011. This vehicle has retained a good 72.4 percent on it's value. Twin turbo chargers come along with engine used which is a V8 diesel. A recorded time of just 8.2 seconds is also all that is needed to make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour. A six speed automatic transmission system also helps to power this four wheel drive vehicle along. In regards to what kind of vehicles this Land Cruiser variant has gone head to head with, we see the likes of the Mercedes ML420 and the Volkswagen Touareg proved to be some top flight competition. The latest version of this car sells brand new for a cost of £64,074. This may seem a little pricey for what the car is worth but with such a low depreciation this may not be such a bad thing after all if you ever decided to sell it on.


We have now officially reached the very best car available today in terms of depreciation and value for money. Taking the number one spot on the list with a percentage increase of 11.8 percent rounding the total up to 84.2 percent, behold the Cayenne from German manufacturer Porsche. We will focus one of the more outstanding Cayenne additions to range here which is the 3.0 litre version. This addition to the line up came with much to talk about from the engine to the features included. This car seen the inclusion of a 3.0 litre V6,diesel engine. A total power output of 240 brake horse power was developed and we seen that this helped the car to reach an overall top speed limit of 133 miles per hour. This was helped to reach it's destination by the 8.3 seconds in which it took the car to hit the 62mph area zone from a standing start.


As we previously stated, some of the additional pieces of equipment also helped this car to make an impact. Some of these added pieces of kit included the likes of Climate control,leather seating,a set of alloy wheels and to top the range off nicely,Porsche stability management was also included as part of the deal. The purchase price for a brand new Porsche Cayenne 3.0 litre diesel stood at £39,404.

Porsche Cayenne Shortfall



Will vehicle depreciation improve for the future ?


Well this can be difficult to tell. Some models retain good value as shown with the ten vehicles listed above and their percentages. Some not so much. We can hope in the near future for more vehicles of these quality standards to make an impact on the new and used car markets. With the majority of these manufacturers launching new models this year and over the course of 2015, there is high possibility that some more models could hold their value very well into the future. There is of course the chance that they may not.