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Electronic Vehicles at Shortfall


Electronic vehicles have quickly become an important part of the global car industry. Ever since the very first electronic vehicle was introduced to the world back in the twentieth century, they have proven to be a good fixture in the automotive industry. Unfortunately during that time period E models lost a lot of momentum and quickly began to fade away. Then during the 1990's General motors re introduced the electric car to the world which came in the form of the GM Impact electric concept vehicle. Manufacturers like Toyota and Nissan also jumped on board with the electronic concept and thought they had a hit on their hands.


The 'CARB' California Air Resources Board began the push for much more low emission vehicles. The car companies were accused of being ruled by 'CARB' in order to maintain selling their vehicles on the Californian market. The promoting of these vehicles were also quite slim during this time period. In this instance, customers were not allowed to purchase EV 1 models but they were asked to sign closed end leases. This meant that the customer was not allowed to own the car at the end of this time period and would therefore have to return their vehicle. This did not go down well which eventually led to the fading out of electronic vehicles during that time period.


Later on into the nineties, the Toyota brand introduced the Prius to the world which came in the form of a hybrid vehicle introducing the combinations of both electric motors and engines. This car debuted in 1999 across some parts of the world and has since proven to be one of the finest Electronic vehicles on the market today.


The rise of electric vehicles has since continued to rise however, at this point in time in the year 2014 we appear to be at an all time high when it comes to sales rates and popularity for all electronic and hybrid vehicles.


What are the top five best selling E vehicles on the market today ?Top 5 Best Selling Electrical Vehicles


What electronic vehicles have made the most impact on sales and popularity around the world since their arrival?


5. In the number five spot for the fifth best selling electronic vehicle ever : The Mitsubishi I MiEV



Mitsubishi iMiEV at ShortfallThe Mitsubishi iMiEV is an all electric vehicle that does not contain an engine. An electric motor which develops 63 brake horse power and a battery pack are the sole providers for the energy emitted to the vehicle. In regards to the range you can get out of the vehicle, Mitsubishi motors have stated that a full range between 80 miles and 100 miles can be reached before needing to recharge the battery. With the charging part of the car coming into play,the manufacturer has stated that from the mains, this car can be charged from zero to full in seven hours. If the charge is powered from a 50Kw three-phase supply, charging time is reduced by six and a half hours. Some things that stand in the favour of the iMiEV are that it is cheap to run,very comfortable and easy to drive and finally it is very spacious.

The iMiEV comes in at number five with a total of 260 units sold between 2010 and June of 2013.


4. In fourth place comes the Peugeot Ion:


Peugeot iOn at ShortfallThe Ion is another all electric vehicle which some say mirrors the Mitsubishi iMiEV. It is fitted with the use of an electric motor which puts out 66 brake horse power and is ran on lithium ion batteries. A full charge on the Ion is achieved via a seven hour wait from a 13- amp socket. In total the French company have confirmed that the overall range from a full charge on the battery will result in an overall mileage of 93 miles. The Peugeot iOn is only made available on lease. A year 30,000 mile contract also comes with servicing and maintenance included. A good range of equipment also comes along with this vehicle and we some of the features included come with a CD player, remote central locking,more than one airbag and electric windows will also come as part of the package.


3. As the third best seller in the United Kingdom.. we welcome the Vauxhall Ampera:


Vauxhall Ampera Model at ShortfallThis Ampera model from the Vauxhall company seen it's grand release onto European markets back in 2012 and has since gone on to sell around 609 units. The vehicle includes 'Voltec' series-hybrid propulsion technology as used by General Motors. The car benefits from both an engine and an electric motor bringing the Ampera in as a hybrid. With both the petrol engine and motor taken into consideration, we see that a full range of around 300 miles is achievable from the car. Two trim levels are made available for this motor and we see these as the entry level positiv and the range topping Electron. The car brought success to the manufacturer and still does. It was that popular that it won the 2012 European car of the year award.


2. The second best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom is the Toyota Prius:

Toyota Prius EV at Shortfall

Production on the very first Toyota Prius model was began in 1994 and went on to sale a grand release in 1997. It did not reach tremendous popularity until around 1999 however. Now seventeen years later, the Toyota Prius has really made a name for itself on a global scale. The latest version of the car runs from both an electric motor and a 1.8 litre engine. It was however the second generation Prius addition that was introduced in 1993 that turned heads. With a combined 112 brake horse power, this is what EV hopefuls had been waiting for. A total mile range of 15.5 miles has been stated from Toyota with a full battery charge being completed in just 90 minutes. From 2010 to June 2013 it has been revealed that the vehicle has sold a total of 765 units around the world.


1. The very best selling electronic vehicle on the market: The Nissan Leaf:


Before we get into what gives this car the edge over all EV models available right now, the amount of sales this car has achieved is too great to wait until the end. World wide we have seen the Nissan Leaf sell a total of 2,154 units world wide. That is 1,389 more units sold than that of the Toyota Prius. Nissan have been trying to make it big in the electronic sector of the industry since 1995. At that time Nissan developed 30 Prairie EV models. This was then followed by the Altra EV which had a total of 200 units go on sale. It was not until 2005 though that the concept Pivo and Pivo 2 models were designed which then led to the grand reveal of the Nissan Leaf. A five door hatchback is the finishing result which comes fully fitted with an electric motor that produces 107 brake horse power overall.


The Japanese firm have stated that a total range of 124 miles can be achieved from one single charge. The vehicle was originally produced over in Japan and went on sale for £30,000. A government scheme which took £5,000 of the purchase price helped the brand out. Production of the car was then moved to right here in the United Kingdom in 2013 which seen a price drop on the purchase price. The official price tag to come along with this Nissan Leaf at this present moment in time comes in at a total of £16,490.


How does the future look for the Electronic vehicle market?


With the amount of success that the Electronic vehicle market has seen and the increase of sales around the globe, can this success maintain well into the future and will other vehicles be emerging to knock the Nissan Leaf of the top spots? Some brand new recently launched electronic vehicles such as the BMW i8 and the i3 certainly have something special about them and very much have the potential to be key sellers for the future of our car industry. Some new models will indeed appear later on over the course of this year. Vehicles such as the Honda FCEV, the Toyota Yaris hybrid and the A3 e tron from German based manufacturer Audi will all definitely make an impact for 2014 and next year of course.


So, with such a long and prestigious history for electronic vehicles, can this momentum keep up and could the electronic vehicle be the future of our car industry. Will petrol and diesel engines be a thing of the past? Could hybrids be replaced by all electric or vice versa? Time will indeed tell on this situation but for now we have many EV models to look forward to and many currently available on the market that we can all enjoy.