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The Paris motor show is one of the years biggest vehicle shows that demonstrate the range of new vehicles going on sale around the world. The very first Paris motor show was held in 1898 and has since been one of the most popular car shows held on an annual basis. A mass amount of manufacturers are on display each year at the show. Some of these manufacturers include the likes of Audi,Fiat,Mercedes,BMW,Vauxhall,Ford amongst many more. The very first Paris motor show from 1898 was started by a group known as industry pioneer. During the time of the first and second world wars, the show was put on hold and was not held. In January of 1977 the organisers stated that the show would not be put on that year due to the economical situation at that moment in time.


The show is known all around the world by those interested in cars and has proven to be one of the key shows to attend for any automobile enthusiast. This year the show will be held once more starting from the 8th of October. There will be many vehicles to keep an eye out for at this years show which could prove to be vehicles that change the face of the industry for many years to come. Many manufacturers will be displaying some all new models this October and right now we have a list of the top five vehicles that will be shown this year to keep a look out for. Many of these vehicles have been known about for a few months now but the anticipation could prove to be worth the wait when these vehicles are unveiled this year.


The top five vehicles to keep a look out for this year


We have compiled a list of some of the top five vehicles that will be shown to the general public and media alike at this years show. This vehicle list is in no specific order but the main vehicles from various manufacturers that have caught our eye for this year include :


The Mercedes AMG GT

The German manufacturer Mercedes are well known around the world for a range of different vehicle styles. Models from hatchbacks to SUV vehicles right the way up to estate models. One of the big cars that the Germans will display this year though is the AMG GT sports car. Some things at this moment in time are just speculation although some features have been officially confirmed. So if we take a look into what kind of power this sports car packs, we see that the vehicle is expected to come along with the fitting of 4.0 litre,V8 bi turbo engine. 


Overall it has been confirmed that thanks to this big engine, we will see the AMG GT put out 503 brake horse power and it will also develop 650NM of Torque. Performance rates that this new GT will put out are yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer but we expect to hear more on this from the show in October. Looking at the design structure of the car itself it shares similar looks for the exterior as that of the Porsche 911. Agility and aero dynamics are expected to be a key factor in the success of the car as lights have been kept swept back and a long sloping bonnet has been included with the car as we can see from the silhouette images.


Some of the other features that are expected to come along with this vehicle will also include LED lighting,a brand new set of air vents,a sports exhaust system, adjustable suspension and a two tone leather interior will also be included. The official price tag for the AMG GT is yet to be revealed but it is highly expected that prices for this car will come in at around £120,000. With the official reveal taking place from the Paris motor show, the new Mercedes AMG GT is expected to go on sale towards the end of the year.

Mercedes AMG GT Shortfall


The Jaguar XE

The all new XE model from British manufacturer Jaguar will also be revealed from this years Paris motor show. Images have been shown of the vehicle online which reveal a rough idea of what the car will look like and a brief view of the bodywork on the car. Jaguar have been one of Britain's biggest manufacturers ever since they were founded in 1922 and have had much success with vehicles such as the F Type and the XF. This all new XE model though could very well prove to be one of the best sellers for the company and we expect the car to benefit from much power and comfort. So regarding the power that this vehicle will pack and what you can expect to receive,it has been confirmed that the same V6 engine used in the F Type will find it's place in the XE. This engine will carry 3 litres in total and will develop a power output between 335 and 375 brake horse power. The engine is also super charged. Other options as far as the engine range go will also be offered. These include a vary of a range of 2.0 litre four cylinder engines. Designed in a manner to go head to head with the Mercedes C Class and the 3 series from BMW this all new Jaguar XE will go on sale from next year with a price tag expected to come in at around £25,000-£30,000. Jaguar XE Shortfall






The Volvo XC90

The XC90 from Swedish manufacturers Volvo is another hotly anticipated vehicle to be revealed this October. The XC90 comes in the form of an SUV vehicle which joins a fierce line up of SUV models on the market right now. It is no secret that over the course of the past few years, SUV vehicles have certainly become more and more popular. We have seen models such as the Qashqai from Nissan and the Rav4 from Toyota prove to be key sellers around the world. So what will the XC90 have to offer you that these other additions to the vehicle market don't ?. Well engine and power wise, Volvo have confirmed that the XC90 will benefit from a 2.0 litre, petrol engine a super charger will also come fitted to the vehicle. The XC90 comes in the form of a hybrid which means we can also expect to see the inclusion of an electric motor. 79 units of brake horse power will also be produced from the motor. A total of 25 miles has been confirmed to be the range that the electric motor will put out before the engine begins to kick in. Other options as far as the engine range goes will include a range of 2.0 litre, four cylinder diesel engines. Power from these variants consist of 187bhp to 223 bhp. As standard an eight speed automatic gearbox and for wheel drive system come along with all variants of the car. The XC90 will see a grand launch from next year and we do expect this car to go on sale for around £40,000.

Volvo XC90 Shortfall








The Audi R8 for 2015

The all new R8 model from German manufacturer Audi will be revealed to the general public and media alike from this years show. Although details about the car at this point in time are quite slim, we do believe that this is certainly one of the vehicles to keep an eye out for this year. The R8 has proven for many years to be a vital part of Audi's success. As of late the R8 LMX model has been declared as the second ever car to use laser light technology so therefore a history making car in itself. The new R8 will go on sale throughout the course of 2015 with a date expected to be confirmed soon. Regarding the engine and power output of the car, things are being kept quiet right now but we expect that the vehicle will come with V8 and V10 engines which see a place in the current R8. The engines are expected to be tweaked to enhance performance. The vehicle itself was spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring in Germany with most of the car on display. The style of the vehicle is not expected to differ much from the look we have seen. A lower grille and wider air vents will help keep the engine more cooler than the previous addition to the range and squared off exhausts and an all new aero-optimised rear diffuser will also we welcomed in. An exact price tag to come along with the car is expected to be revealed this October bit a price tag just under the £100,000 area is expected to be revealed.

Audi R8 Shortfall



The Mercedes C Class Cabriolet

Finally we take a look into the all new C Class Cabriolet model from German manufacturer Mercedes. The C Class line up has certainly proven to be one of the finest sellers for the mass manufacturer over the years. The very first addition to the C Class line up was introduced to the world back in 1993 and has since then proven to be one of the key ingredients of Mercedes success. The range has seen different variations over the years and with an all new estate model of the car to go on sale, we think that the Cabriolet sits nicely next to it. The engine expected to be used in the car will include a 4.0 litre,V8 supercharged engine. Around 500 brake horse power is expected to be developed from the vehicle. A larger front grille than the current model and headlight clusters could also prove to be key sellers for the Cabriolet C Class. A brand new centre console will also be included in the cabin which will control many things including the cars all new fabric roof. Sadly at this point in time, a price tag to come along with the vehicle is yet to be officially revealed. It is expected thought that the C Class Cabriolet will officially go on sale world wide from mid way through next year.

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Shortfall





What kind of impression will the vehicles of the show make ?


With such big named vehicles from big named manufacturers set to go on sale and be revealed this October, we certainly think that the five listed vehicles above will certainly prove to be the future of our car industry. With more vehicles yet to be confirmed for the Paris motor show, we think there may also be some surprises thrown in from various manufacturers this October including the five brands as mentioned today.