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What does it take to produce a good all round vehicle? Many think it could be the power and performance side of things, some may believe it to be the technological advancements that some vehicles come with these days and others may think that it is how comfy the actual car is. We personally believe that it is a combination of all three specialities listed above. Which is why today here at Shortfall we are taking a look into five of the most comfortable driving experiences available on UK roads today. We have compiled a list of five of the best vehicles which could be hard to beat in terms of comfort and a good all round driving experience. Many manufacturers from all around the world have made it into our list today as we see some companies represented that are well known around the world and more recognised than most and also some vehicles you may not expect to be in this list. So lets get the top five under way by starting of at the fifth place spot.


Five of the very best for a comfortable driving experience


  1. The Skoda Yeti

So just making the cut in our list today is the addition of the Yeti model from the Czech Republican brand Skoda. This is one of those vehicles we were talking about when we said that you may be surprised by some of the entrants. The Yeti is a family style vehicle that was first introduced to the world back in 2009. The vehicle is still being produced today and offers a great driver and passenger experience with a fair share of interior space for the whole family. In total the Yeti is a five seater vehicle and is the first big family style SUV that Skoda has ever put on offer. Five separate trim levels are sold with the Yeti which sees the inclusions of E,S,SE,SE Plus and the range topping Elegance model. In 2009 the Top Gear magazine awarded the Skoda SUV the best family car of the year and just two years later we saw the Yeti produce its 100,000th model in the range. A range of four cylinder turbo charged engines also find their way into the car so along side the family experience a good amount of power is put out from the vehicle also.


Some of the features of the car in regards to added pieces of equipment that provide extra comfort include the likes of heated front seating,a light assistant,double lumbar supports in the front,fully leather upholstery and dual zone air conditioning. We see the trim levels for the car each come with more added pieces of kit than the last. Some of these neat features consist of Bi xenon headlights,Hill hold control,electric windows,remote central locking and cruise control also. That is why we decided to place the Yeti in the number five spot in our list today.

Skoda Yeti Shortfall




  1. The Volvo S60

Next up in our list taking the number four place today is the addition of the S60 model from Swedish manufacturer Volvo. The very first S60 was produced back in the year 2000 and is still going strong to this day. The S60 makes its way to you in the shape and form of an executive luxurious car which pretty much tells you what you need to know here in terms if the car is comfortable or not. The S60 is currently in its second life cycle which was began in 2010 and has since received updates such as a face lift of the vehicle and a hybrid version of the car also. In total we see seven engine ranges on offer with one of the latest S60 models which is an estate known as the V60. The range comprises of four petrol units and three diesel engines. The inclusion of stop start technology with the V60 estate version has also proven to be a key selling point for customers. There was also an update for the vehicle put out just this year which sees new features included in the line up such as LED daytime running lights, a brand new set of integrated exhaust pipes and an all new radar based blind spot information system. A starting cost of £16,725 comes along with the latest S60 model with the highest price tag coming in at £28,991 for the top of the range version of the car.

Volvo S60 Shortfall






  1. The Nissan Qashqai

Heading into the top three positions now we see the welcomed addition of an SUV vehicle that was launched eight years ago and has since proven to be one of the cars that has helped to give the SUV market a huge boost over the past number of years. The vehicle we are talking about is of course the Qashqai from the Nissan brand. The vehicle has undergone two separate life cycles over its time with the second generation vehicle being made available just this past February around the world. The success that the car has brought in has been tremendous for Nissan who have produced a brilliant SUV model. Whatcar also awarded the vehicle the honour of car of the year 2014. The Qashqai took the original place of the Primera vehicle from the brand which stopped production just before the Qashqai begun. Low sales figures were the main reason for the Primera being discontinued but were the Primera lost business the Qashqai has certainly made up for. Some of the reasons why we have included the Qashqai in this list of comfortable vehicles is due to some of the best interior features included for the car. We see that the latest version of the Qashqai benefits from a Thermaclear heated windscreen,Nissan's all new connect system,stop start technology and a brand new TFT display screen.

Nissan Qashqai Shortfall


  1. The Jaguar XF

Just missing out on the number one spot for some of the best comfortable vehicles is the XF model from British manufacturer Jaguar. The XF model was first introduced onto our streets back in 2007 and is still being produced to this day. It is one of the biggest selling vehicles for the British manufacturer who are also well known for the F Type vehicle. The XF is an executive style vehicle which benefits from the perfect attributes of both power and comfort. In total from the time of launch in 2007 we have seen five different variations of the car go on sale over the years which include the supercharged XF model,the XFR,a special version of the car for the police,the XF Sportbrake in 2012 and finally the XFR-S model which was introduced just last year. Over the course of last year we saw a grand total of 20,414 units of the car sold on European markets alone which marks the most sales for the car throughout the course of a year since its launch with the second biggest year for the vehicle taking place in 2010.


A total of 19 different colour themes are made available for the fully leather interior of the XF vehicle. Other features that help the XF rank second for comfort include heating seating,a memory setting drivers seat, electronic seat adjustments,stainless steel pedals,an all new steering column and sports style seating.

Jaguar XF Shortfall






  1. The Mercedes C Class

Now at the very top of our list for some of the best comfortable driving experiences available on our road comes the addition of the C Class range from the German manufacturer Mercedes. The C Class is one of the most purchased vehicle line ups in Mercedes long and prestigious history. The very first version of the car was launched around the world in 1993 and has since proven to be a great all round vehicle in regards to power and comfort also. Believe it or not the C Class was actually the smallest vehicle in Mercedes line up until 1997 when the A Class model was brought into play. The vehicle is currently in its fourth generation and had its best selling year back in 2001 in which on European markets alone it celebrated 277,463 units being sold throughout the course of the year. The majority of C Class vehicles to go on sale over the years have come either as a rear wheel drive or a four wheel drive variant showing some good smooth driving experiences for its customers.


With the comfort aspect coming in to play though, we think that the C Class is very deserving of a top spot place here in our list and we think this thanks to some great selling features as the additions of a dual zone climate control system,Bluetooth,cruise control,a fully leather interior,a flat bottomed steering wheel,stainless steel pedals,a built in sat nav system and electronic windows too.

Mercedes C Class Shortfall



How will the comfort of vehicles evolve into the future ?


So with some magnificently comfortable vehicles on offer today around the world, we see that the future of our car industry is constantly evolving with technological advancements, new driving power trains and all new systems being introduced to the vehicles as the months go by. So what new features regarding comfort and a great all round driving experience can we look forward to the future ?.