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Today we have constructed a list of the latest in vehicle recall news and have it all in one place for you here. This past week has brought a number of vehicle recalls from various manufactures around the world. A range of vehicles are affected by these recalls with the majority of these vehicles suffering from the same problem. First up on our list today is the American manufacturer Ford who have recalled around 38,645 vehicles in the States. The Ford models affected by this latest batch of recalls include the Crown Victoria,Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Town range from America. The problem was reported to be a faulty steering shaft. If the problem is not fixed this could result in a loss of steering for the vehicle. Some of these vehicles were recalled in the past for the same problem but were not repaired in the correct way therefore resulting in the vehicles being called in to Ford dealerships once more.


Nissan and Infiniti recall due to Takata air bags

This is a big news story that has gotten so big that authorities have also began looking into the matter. The fittings of Takata air bags recently are reporting to be lethal to certain vehicles especially Nissan and Infiniti models. There have been cases where the Air bags have torn due to humid conditions which have resulted in the Takata air bags exploding and firing out pieces of shrapnel at the driver. Sadly these have resulted in some fatalities. In October around 26,000 vehicles were recalled for the problem but now that list has extended to another 52,738 vehicles from Nissan and their second brand Infiniti.


It has been reported that vehicles affected by this Takata recall have been in the area of eleven million in the states alone with a further seventeen million on a global scale. Nissan have commented on the situation and have stated that they will be in contact with you if you are an owner of one of the recalled vehicles to which they will replace the air bag inflator free of charge. Pathfinder vehicles from 2003-2004 are affected as are: Sentra models built from 2004-2006,Infiniti I35,M35 and M45 Infiniti models.


Honda air bags result in fatalities

Honda vehicles are also affected by the same recall due to problems with Takata air bags. He same situation is the cause of the recall but sadly fatalities have been reported. A total of four fatalities have been reported all concerning drivers in a Honda vehicle. Both the popular Civic and Fit range are affected by these recalls. A total of 70,979 models are affected around the world not including the US. A late report was issued yesterday regarding a fifth fatality which may or may not have been linked to a Honda vehicle.