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There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Honda brand over the course of the past few months and the HR-V SUV model that they are well known for. The Paris motor show last week officially confirmed the arrival of the brand new HR-V model which is all set to go on sale on our streets from next year. The HR-V was last seen selling back in 2005 and from launch next year marking ten years of the car, can it fight back twice as strong as it did originally and be the leading vehicle in the SUV sector?


It is no secret that the SUV industry is rapidly increasing all around the world and we have seen some special vehicles launched by numerous manufacturers. This new HR-V model though looks to bring the fight to the Nissan Juke and other models such as the 3008 from French manufacturer Peugeot. What new parts and accessories aswell as power come along with the Honda SUV though that could help it to do this?


Has the HR-V delivered on the hype for the Honda brand?

So regarding these brand new changes to find a place into the rebadged HR-V addition, we see firstly that the car is longer and wider than ever before as it measures 4,295mm length ways and receives some great features such as alloy wheels and brand new creases included with the body design and structure with a much more aero dynamic and agile driving experience being the main target aimed for thanks to the design.


The vehicle has been officially confirmed to use the same platform as that which can be found in the brand new Jazz model set to go on sale next year and was also displayed last week in Paris. When the vehicle was displayed last week, it was shown in a Bright red colour scheme and included wrap around rear lighting and Black roof rails.


Although nothing has been confirmed for the new engine range as of yet, this is expected to be one of the highlights of the return of the HR-V as a hybrid version of the car is expected to go on sale. A 1.5 litre petrol engine alongside the electric motor is expected to come with this variant. A dual clutch transmission will also find a place in the Hybrid which all combined will see an expected power deliverance of around 133 brake horse power.


A diesel unit is also expected to come along with the brand new HR-V which would see the addition of a 1.6 litre, i-DTEC unit which can also be found in the brands Civic model. An expected 1.5 litre,direct injection turbo model is also believed to come along with the new range. If this does prove to be the case, there is a chance that the vehicle could bring in a much heated source of competition for the Renault Captur amongst many other top selling SUV models on the market right now.


For what price will the Honda HRV go on sale for?

It is expected that we will first see the brand new HRV model from Honda go on sale from the summer time of 2015 and it is believed that a purchase price of around £16,000.