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Toyota Aygo X Wave


The Japanese car company Toyota who also own Lexus have had many big city cars go on sale over the years which have defined the firm as one of the best providers of smaller models on a world wide scale. The likes of the Yaris amongst others have helped to boost sales figures and brand recognition for the company. The Aygo though is perhaps one of the finer additions to the range and has been for many years.


Next year though the world welcomes the addition of a new and different variant of the Aygo. The new model will make its way to you in the manner of the Aygo X Wave. The vehicle will be officially put on sale from 2015. Other city cars in the past such as the Hyundai i10 have proven to be top competition for the Aygo but will this new X Wave variant of the car prove to do much of the same and hold it's own against other city cars?


The new changes made to the Toyota Aygo X Wave


Some new features mainly focusing on the engine and performance have been made to the X Wave variation and we see these performance rates come help benefited by a 1.0 litre three cylinder engine that will be capable of reaching top speeds of around the 98 miles per hour area. A sprint time from a standstill to 62mph is said to be achieved also in around 14.2 seconds. A 68 brake horsepower outage will also come from the new X Wave model. The model will only be made available as a front wheel drive variant and it will also come as standard with a five speed manual transmission.


Options of different colours and trims will be open to the customer at the official time of purchase and some optional features will also come along with the car which consist of an automatic gearbox and an infotainment system. One of the main benefits of the X Wave compared to the original Aygo is space also. The vehicle will benefit from a much larger boot than ever before and much more interior space also comes along for the journey.


How much will the new Toyota Aygo X Wave cost?


We are firstly delighted to bring you the good news that this Aygo variant will go on sale at some point from early on in 2015. Regarding the price area to come along with the X Wave expect to pay a cost somewhere around the £13,000 figure for a brand new model next year.