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Toyota Land Cruiser 2014


In a car industry where SUV competition has certainly risen over the past number of years the fight for the number one spot is quite ferocious as we see many car brands go at it however, could the Toyota Land Cruiser be the underdog slowly over taking its rivals? We certainly think it has the potential too.


The Land Cruiser has recently gone on sale here in Britain and across other parts of the world too and the Japanese masterminds behind the idea have included many key components for the car during its production time that we think could help benefit the Land Cruiser to no end.


Facts about the Toyota Land Cruiser


So what has gone into this Land Cruiser model during its time on the production line to help it make an impact on a tough SUV market right now and why should you choose this particular SUV model over anything else on offer from rival brands such as the Qasqhai from Nissan, the Rav 4 from the Toyota brand themselves and the X6 from German car company BMW.


Well the engine firstly comes as a 3.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that overall produces 185 brake horsepower with top speeds reached all round of 108 miles per hour. With these key statistics in mind, we see the Land Cruiser make the all round sprint of 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of eleven seconds flat. This vehicle is a seven seater and comes as a four wheel drive variant with a fully fitted five speed,automatic transmission system.


How much is the Toyota Land Cruiser?


We are firstly pleased to let you know that, the Land Cruiser is available for purchase right now from most Toyota dealerships located around the United Kingdom and across other various parts of the world also. As for the price tag that comes along with the Land Cruiser, expect to own one of these luxurious models for a cost of £47,495.