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Vauxhall On Star Technology


Over the last couple of years, in car technology has gone from strength to strength with Vauxhall playing catch up to a number of brands such as Volkswagen. The recently released Volkswagen Golf model has been likened to acting in a similar way to that of the smart phone in terms of technological breakthrough in the automotive industry.


The Volkswagen Golf won the Car of the Year award for 2013 and other manufacturers such as Nissan have won a number of awards relating to the in car technology. Most recently, you may have seen the television advertisement which features the latest Nissan Juke model and the Google Send to Car technology.


Such technological advances have left manufacturers such as Vauxhall playing catch up and therefore brainstorming ways of getting the added features to entice a motorist to purchase their car rather than another one.


As Wifi connectivity and availability increases, it will come as no surprise that manufacturers will be looking to incorporate in car wifi capabilities. Currently there a number of airliners piloting the technology on non passenger flights and are believed to be developing the wifi on board.


New Vauxhall On Star Technology


However, Vauxhall seem to have the license to print money with the latest On Star technology. It has come to light that the General Motors firm have been using elements of a communication system similar to that of the latest 4G since 1996.


The latest developments has seen those elements become vital components as Vauxhall now have the ability to offer a range of navigation, communication and internet connectivity in car.


The components have been there since 1996 and come into action if the model was involved in a crash it would alert the local authorities. Similar systems are available in other manufacturers such as Toyota and Peugeot, but Vauxhall seem to have found the missing link to be able to offer such a feature as in car internet.