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Volkswagen Golf R Estate


Volkswagen have currently been pictured testing the new Golf R Estate in Germany and are believed to be weighing up options over the release date, price and markets to enter. Later this year, Ford are expected to be releasing the main rival to the Volkswagen Golf R Estate in the form of the new Ford Focus Estate.


The US firm plan to combat the developments under the Golf title with the latest Focus estate. The Ford Focus estate was released to the general public at the Geneva Motor Show just less than a month ago. However, the success surrounding the revealing has forced Volkswagen to re think possible marketing strategies that surround the models.


The Volkswagen Group are currently going for the top spot in terms of being the worlds best selling manufacturer after coming in third place last time out. The firm have already posted an increase in sales of over 4% for the first two months of this year and that number is only expected to increase in the up coming months.


The firm have also announced that the Audi brand will be major contributors to the success of this group in the next 12 months having taken a strong hold on the Chinese car market. The Audi brand have also released a number of new models this year such as the TT and the S1.


The Golf R Estate model at VW has not yet been officially confirmed for production and may never make it to the production stage, however, with the US brand Ford committing to production the German mass market manufacturer are set to follow suit.


The Golf R hatchback model is one of the most powerful models to take the Golf R title and a estate model may be in demand. The hatchback Volkswagen model has the ability to reach 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds which gives the estate model a high chance of achieving a sub 5 second time.