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New Volkswagen Jetta


In some exciting news today to make its way out of the German car manufacturing company known as Volkswagen, we are excited to report on one of today's breaking news stories from the company which comes your way in the form of the all new announced Jetta model which is set for release this year. Over the years we have seen some truly great models from VW which have withstood the tests of time and gone on to be big sellers.


Some of these models include the likes of the Golf and the Polo. Both of these models over the years have had many new additions released and sales have kept as popular as ever. This all new Jetta model though which has been revamped since its first time around, could very well prove to be a successful car for the mass manufacturer and may potentially with stand the tests of time for the future in a much similar way to that of the Golf and the Polo.


The key features of the Volkswagen Jetta


So with that being said what has gone into this all new Jetta model to make it a good seller in the future. Well at this moment in time the company owners have stated that with the purchase on the Jetta revamp at the time of launch you can expect to receive a 1.4 litre petrol engine or a 2.0 litre diesel engine will be available. Power of both engines start at an area of 109 brake horsepower with the higher specs leveling out around 148 brake horse power. Sadly we are still yet to receive word on the overall performance rates of the vehicle but we do expect to hear more on this matter within the next upcoming months.


In regards to some pieces of equipment you can expect to receive with the vehicle, we see the warmly welcomed additions of LED daytime running lights, optional Bi Xenon headlights, all new tail lights and a brand new revamped bumper also comes thrown in as part of the package too. So with both the engine and technology thrown in, we believe to see this model being a good potential rival for the likes of the, DS3 from Citroen, the new Astra from Vauxhall and even, the Peugeot 508.


How much will the Volkswagen Jetta be on sale for?


Firstly we are pleased to report that, you can purchase this brand new model starting from August of this year from your closest Volkswagen dealerships with first deliveries expected to occur throughout November of this year. In regards to the price tag that will come along with the Jetta nothing has been officially announced from the company owners as of yet but, expect to make the purchase at launch time for a cost of somewhere around the £21,000 area.