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New Volvo Concept Estate


Volvo have released a number of teasing images online of the new estate concept. It is believed that the model will be making its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. This marks the third concept at the past three motor shows for the Volvo manufacturer.


Volvo are very much keen to expand the current range with the new Concept Coupe model along with the new Concept XC Coupe model. However, the most interesting and headline grabbing model is set to be the new estate concept which is set to be released tomorrow.


The concept appears to show a similar elegant and yet simple design to that seen on all of the current range of models at Volvo. The current range of models does not include a Coupe model and the XC Concept model is the first of its size. However, the new Estate Concept will be the first model to be set to replace another within the range of models.


The model may well be heavily disguised in the images leaked online, but it is very much clear that the designs seen on the other two concept models have been implicated on the new concept model.


The Volvo brand have been in the press over the last 18 months regarding the issue of electric cars. A Volvo representative and spokesperson did state the electric car industry would be a very niche market and would not be a market of which they would heavily invest in.


However, since that statement, some of the worlds largest manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have joined the electric car market which has doubled in terms of sales figures in the past 12 months.


Manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan and Toyota have all been the beneficiaries of the success of the electric car market. However, this time round the market is set to be dominated by the German manufacturer BMW. The BMW i-3 was said to be the most eagerly anticipated model to ever grace the automotive car market.


The new Estate Concept model may well be the start of a new future look for all Volvo models.