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Why buy Scratch & Dent Insurance?

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A number of main manufacturers will now offer a form of Scratch & Dent Insurance during the purchase process of the car, but why should you buy Scratch & Dent Insurance and is it really worth it? The idea of Scratch & Dent Insurance is to protect you from the financial implications of having a form of minor damage repaired, whether that be through your motor insurance or through a separate method. 


With the average cost of repairing a form of minor damage being approximately £150, a Scratch & Dent policy really can be a cost effective way of keeping your car in the best possible condition. The added benefit of this form of insurance is that it doesn't affect your 'no claims bonus' on your standard motor insurance policy. A three year policy at is priced at just £239.87.


We all expect to pick up minor pieces of damage, whether that be a trolley ding or a small stone chip, but the cost of having this sort of damage repaired can be more than you expect. As described above, the average cost of a repair can be around £150 and if you incur the two pieces of damage as described, that could cost you £300 to repair the two. Whereas a 3 year policy is just £239.87. If your vehicle is on a form of finance and you have the ability to hand the car back at the end, you may be subject to a charge for not keeping the car in the best condition, in some cases this can be more than the average cost of the repair and in other cases less. 

Scratch & Dent Insurance |


The advantage of a Scratch & Dent Insurance policy, is that you are not limited to a set maximum number of claims, instead you have a maximum repair benefit of £3,000 spread over the term of the policy. With cover options of 1-3 years, we expect the £3,000 budget to be more than suitable.

This form of protection is only designed to protect you from 'minor' damage. Please see below a description of the size limitations associated with a Scratch & Dent Insurance policy from 


Vertical Surfaces are covered for:

a) Chips (up to 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)

b) Scratches (up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth)

c) Dents (up to 150mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)


Flat/Horizontal Surfaces are covered for:

a) Chips (up to 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth – weatherproofing only)

b) Scratches (up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth)


Bumpers are covered for:

a) Scuffs (up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)


In the case of multiple chips, scratches, dents or scuffs caused by the same incident, the total diameter of the combined damaged area must be no more than 300mm, however the individual limits above will still apply.


Whether or not the policy would be worth it, is yours to decide. Some people may expect to pick up a considerable amount of damage due to where they live or the type of lifestyle they have, others may not use the vehicle an awful lot and will therefore not pick up as much damage. If you think back to your previous car, did you pick up a small scuff, scratch or dent, if so did you have it repaired and did it cost more than you expected? 


Some things are unavoidable, the bits of damage picked up in busy car parks are not your fault but, still just as annoying when you notice them. Even if it is your fault, if you have scuffed the bumber reversing out of the driveway for example, providing the damage fits the above criteria, this policy would offer the remote repair for you.


If you are looking to protect your Alloy Wheels, this would be a separate policy altogether. We are aware of some manufacturer policies combining the two separate policies into one. However, we like to keep them separate as there are a number of differences to the way the policy would perform.