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New Audi A7


The German car company known as Audi have recently been producing a brand new model which goes under the name of the A7 Competition. The manufacturing process into this particular model has been long and well thought out. Audi have always been most recognisable for vehicle additions such as the likes of the S1 and the TT.


Now though we see the A7 receive a new set of upgrades mainly to the engine and performance side of things which could very well prove to be a keen seller for the company across numerous countries around the world. Perhaps not in the UK though. It has not yet been confirmed as to whether this model will see a grand arrival onto UK roads and Audi are still uncertain. The power game of Audi is what has mainly brought them to the dance and held them high up in the top ranks along side the likes of Mercedes and Ford.


What is so exciting about the Audi A7 Competition model?

What areas of the car have been taken into consideration when it comes down to the actual design process of the A7 Competition? Well firstly with a look into the area that carries the majority of upgrades, we see that the car sees the use of a 3.0 litre TDI engine which produces a grand total of 322 brake horse power which helps the A7 Competition make the sprint from to 62 miles per hour in an overall time of 5.1 seconds. This model will come in the form of an wheel drive and it has been confirmed that a top speed limit of 155 miles per hour comes as standard.


Other features of the car include the number of paint schemes made available for the car. We see it made available in Red, two separate shades of Grey and Blue is an option also. Some other pieces of equipment that we think could be good selling points include 20 inch alloy wheels,red painted brake callipers and an eight speed automatic gearbox. Therefore we think that this Audi model could prove to be a healthy source of competition for other companies too including the likes of Lexus and BMW.


What will the Audi A7 Competition sell for?

As we said it is still uncertain at this point as to whether this car will indeed make it's way to our streets here in the United Kingdom but if it does, expect to make the purchase on it for a cost somewhere around the £60,000 mark.