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The new Ford Mondeo Hybrid


Later on this year towards the end of 2014, it has been confirmed that the recently revealed Ford Mondeo model which was shown at the Paris motor show will go on sale and along side it a brand new hybrid variant of the car will also go on sale too. The Ford Mondeo has been available on our roads for twenty one years and has established itself as one of the best value for money family vehicles on the road today.


The brand are now introducing the fourth generation of Mondeo later this year and it has been confirmed to be packed with new technological advancements and engine ranges designed to suit all needs and will features the firms new Ecoboost line up. The decision to introduce a hybrid variant of the car has proven to be a positive one as the hybrid market continues to grow and see success in other companies such as BMW with the I8. So what is it that the new Mondeo hybrid will have to offer you and why should you think long and hard about making the purchase on one of these luxurious vehicles?


The key features and components announced for the new Mondeo Hybrid

So in regards to some of the brand new parts and accessories to come along with this Mondeo Hybrid model, we see that Ford have officially confirmed some of the brand new technology and just how well you can actually expect this car to perform when it does become available on the road. So to begin with a look into the power train that will be used on the Hybrid variant, it has been revealed that we can expect to see the addition of a a plug in Energi and a standard hybrid system.


Both variants will come fully fitted with a two litre petrol engine and of course an electric motor. The difference between the two units has been confirmed that the Energi model receives a larger battery pack which means when travelling on electric alone will see an overall range of around twenty miles before the engine kicks in.A Black Ford Mondeo shown from the front at Shortfall


Regarding the power and performance rates to come along with this variant it has been confirmed that both the standard hybrid and the Energi model will produce a brake horse power of 185 each which would therefore see the car make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of around the 8.5 second area.


As standard with the Mondeo, a six speed manual gearbox comes along with the vehicle but owners will also be faced with the option of a dual clutch six speed,powershift transmission system. With the hybrid sector of the automotive industry continuing to rise as the months go by, does the new Mondeo have what it takes to play in the big leagues of the EV market amongst competition from the forthcoming Audi R8 e tron and models like the Mercedes E Class?


How much will the new Mondeo hybrid cost when it arrives?

American brand Ford are yet to announce the exact pricing structure that will come along with the Energi or standard hybrid unit but the brand have stated that for the Mondeo range as a whole, entry level models will go on sale for £20,795 so expect an increase on this for the hybrid. Keep an eye out closer to the end of this year to see the Mondeo in your local Ford showroom.   


A Blue Ford Mondeo from the front end at Shortfall