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Ford also launching an estate Mondeo with the new range

The arrival of the new Ford Mondeo model is upcoming and we now know that an estate version of the vehicle will officially also go on sale along side the standard hatchback models. The Mondeo hatchback boasts some good interior space both leg and head room and is fun for the whole family. So what can you expect for your money as far as the new estate variant of the car is concerned, well firstly a lot more room for starters.


It has been confirmed that the engine range from the standard hatchback line up will be carried over the estate variation which means that the all new Ecboost engine range from Ford will be found in the vehicle too.


The new Mondeo estate.. good practicality for your money?

So is the extra cost worth it as far as the estate Mondeo is concerned?. Well if you're looking for something with a lot of room and comfort then we certainly believe so yes. Around 100 litres more of boot space is offered with the estate than standard hatchbacks. The interior cabin of the vehicle is much as you can expect to find in the hatchback line up which sees leather seating and an all new infotainment system located just underneath the air vents in the dashboard.


The big seller amongst the range is expected to be the brand new Ecoboost engine from Ford which will make its way to you in the form of a 1.5 litre, petrol unit. The engine of course is turbocharged which means we will see the Mondeo estate hit out at a top speed limitation of 135mph.A horse power development of 158bhp is also confirmed for the car. With that being said, thanks to the smooth transition between gears thanks to the standard six speed transmission system, the car will make the leap from a standing start and hit the 62 mph zone in a time of just 9.3 seconds overall. Both the Fiesta and Focus model from Ford have used the Ecoboost engine in some of their latest additions to the range and have been successful with these models. Can the Mondeo follow suit?.


The selling price for the Ford Mondeo estate model

The popular choice amongst European customers is indeed expected to be the brand new Ecoboost variant which is on sale now ahead of its first set of deliveries later on this year. The price tag to come along with the Ecoboost engine range will officially come in at £23,495.

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