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Eco vehicles lead the way in sales boost


January registrations are up almost 8% on last year with sales of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles rising by a quarter. This rise in figures is likely due in part to the increasing range of models in showrooms and growing awareness of their benefits.


The sales boost figures for the EcoBoost


Almost 155,000 new cars were registered in dealers last month with buyers seeming interested in the advantages of more fuel-efficient vehicles. A family hatchback is reported to be 27% more fuel-efficient that seven years ago. Petrol-electric hybrids accounted for almost all the alternatively fuelled vehicle registrations since 2008, outperforming the overall market in January 2014 by growing 25% and taking an improved 1.8% share of volumes.

This increase in the AFV market is because of the increasing availability of pure electric, plug-in and diesel-electric powertrains.


So far Volkswagen models seem to be the most popular vehicles this year with the groups registrations up by 25%. Skoda registrations are also at 25%, Audi's are at 9%, Seat by 36%. MG dealers had a boost in sales aswell, with the MG3 model boosting sales by 345% upping their registrations to 138 from 31 last year. Jeep's registrations rose by 65%, making 201 registrations compared to the 122 of last year. Lexus saw a growth of 25% while Mazda saw a 31%growth. Dacia, one year from it's launch had almost 1,400 sales in January.



The top ten selling vehicles so far this year, in no specific order, are;

Ford Fiesta,

Ford Focus,

Vauxhall Corsa,

VW Golf,

VW Polo,

Vauxhall Astra,

Audi A3,

Nissan Qashqai,

Nissan Juke,

Fiat 500.


Comments on the recent sales figures


Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, commented, "The new car market ended 2013 on a high, so it is encouraging to see the January market start the year strongly, rising 7.6 per cent. As fuel economy is a major consideration for many motorists, ongoing investment by vehicle manufacturers in innovative, fuel-efficient technology is a key factor in the growing demand for new cars. Looking ahead, the UK automotive industry expects to see moderate, sustainable growth in 2014."


Considering the recent state of the European car market, these sales figures, boosted with the growth of the eco vehicle market, could prove that it is beginning to make a recovery. Have you or would you purchase an EcoBoost vehicle? leave your comments on our blog page today.