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The all electric version of the Audi R8 is officially a go. In perhaps some of the most exciting news to come out of the Paris motor show today, we are pleased to report that a vehicle from the Audi brand which has been hotly anticipated for the past number of months has been officially confirmed to be a go. The brand new e tron version of the Audi R8 has been confirmed and revealed by the manufacturer this afternoon and it has a special feature which many will find exciting. The Audi brand has confirmed that the R8 e tron will officially from a full charge see a total range of 250 miles.


The vehicle is an all electric model with the possibility of a hybrid version of the car perhaps soon to follow. The R8 has been a vehicle from Audi which has been available on the roads since 2007 and has made history with their LMX edition which was the second car ever to introduce laser light technology just behind the BMW i8. As a history making car in the past it does once again make history with its full charge mileage.


How is the R8 e-tron different compared to the standard R8?

So some of the changes that have been brought into play for the e tron variant of the car included an aluminium and carbon chassis which are also found in the Lamborghini Huracan. A choice of both V8 and V10 engines have also been confirmed to come along with the car from the date of launch. Back in 2009 the concept design for the R8 e tron was revealed with an expected launch to happen in 2013. The vehicle then went on to be axed by former Audi R and D boss Wolfgang Durheimer. It was not until new R and D boss Ulrich Hackenburg joined the team that the project was brought back into play. It was stated by Hackenburg that the R8 e tron would not be produced until he could confirm the car would reach 250 miles from a full charge and this now has been achieved.


There are many electric vehicles available on the road right now including the BMW i3 and the Mercedes Benz B Class but we think the mile range that the e tron has been stated to put out could top them all. Will the new R8 e-tron prove to be the world wide leader in the all electric vehicle market?.


The future for the R8 hybrid

Dr Ulrich Hackenburg also confirmed that the vehicle will potentially release a hybrid model in the future also he stated that “The hybrid system is an engine,gearbox,electric motors and power electronics,its a package. Its just a case of making it fit”.