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Near the beginning of next year we will see the official launch of the brand new Lagonda model from luxury car firm Aston Martin. Today we are taking a look into the grand launch of the vehicle and the kind of competition that it is expected to face off against when it does go on sale. Like most Aston Martin models you can expect to find a great amount of comfort and a vast amount of power also.


The power of the vehicle has been confirmed to be delivered from a 5.9 litre,V12 engine which in total will see 565bhp delivered from the motor but the car will only be made available in a strict number of just 100 units with the model being aimed at the middle eastern market. Power on the car will boast very well from lightweight carbon materials and LED lighting also helps the car to stand out very well. Its a shame that the vehicle is only to be supplied in limited numbers but that may just add to the excitement and anticipation behind the vehicle.


The first contender: The new Audi R8

Expectations were high for the launch of a new R8 model this year but that proved to not be the case. Audi did not disappoint however as the company revealed earlier in the year that a new addition to the R8 family would arrive on the road from around the middle of 2015. It is difficult to tell just how well this model will compare with the previous R8 or how well matched it will be compared to the Aston Martin Lagonda due to the specification list being kept quiet by the German brand. There is strong potential for a revamped version of the V10 engine that is currently found in the car to carry over with the potential of a turbocharger being added into the mix.


A platform shared with that of the Lamborghini Huracan is believed to be included with the new R8 as the focus has been majorly on making the R8 more lightweight than its predecessor. Prices for the new model are expected to come in at around the £100,000 area with the US market the only country announced to be receiving the car so far.


The Ferrari 458M a top flight contender?

Next year will also see the arrival of the all new 458 M sports car from Italian designer Ferrari. We have witnessed as Ferrari have dominated the sports car world before with past additions from the 458 range including the Speciale. Now the brand could very well hold their own as a top flight contender clashing with both Aston Martin and Audi sports models.


The addition of a new 458 M will make an impact upon its arrival to the UK in March of next year. Although the engine range to come along with the car has not been set in stone by Ferrari as of yet, we do believe that a V8 unit will be equipped to the vehicle which could come in the manner of a 3.8 litre. Images of the car in its prototype form have been leaked throughout the course of this year and the 458 model is looking better than ever. A big contender for the Lagonda and R8 though?. Let us know you're opinion.