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Luxury car brand Aston Martin are all set to launch their brand new Super Saloon model marketed under the name of the Lagonda. The vehicle was first aimed at the Middle Eastern markets for a period of time but Aston Martin have now confirmed that they are looking into having the saloon model launched on global markets including here in the United Kingdom.


The Lagonda Taraf is the official name given to the Aston Martin vehicle and this translates to Ultimate luxury. The CEO for Aston martin has stated that “It is clear from the initial reaction to the car that interest from around the world is extremely high and I can confirm today that we are also evaluating the opportunity to offer this Lagonda in other markets”.


The plan was originally for the Lagonda to be built in just 100 units then they were to be sold on an invitation only basis to customers in the Middle East.


How luxurious is the Aston Martin Lagonda looking so far?

Images of the vehicle were officially revealed earlier on this year which show the Lagonda from the outside and the inside of the vehicle also. The images of the outside design show that the car receives LED lights at both the front and rear end of the car. The car is extremely lengthy which means the chances of finding a parking space could be quite slim. A long sloping windscreen mixing into the sloping bonnet can also be clearly seen. A large front grille also takes up the majority of the front end of the vehicle.


As expected from such a luxurious car brand, the vehicle receives a full leather quilted interior. This includes both the front and passenger seats front and back and the dashboard too. Body hugging seats have also been included both in the front of the Lagonda and at the back for the passengers too. An infotainment system surrounded by chrome and a climate control system can also be seen in the back of the vehicle. Although the power source of this luxury model has yet to be revealed, we do believe that Aston are set to include the fitting of a 5.9 litre,V12 engine unit that will put out in excess of 565 brake horse power. A six speed,automatic transmission system is also expected to be found in the vehicle. With this very strong engine taken into consideration, we do expect to see a top speed of somewhere around the 200mph area come into play.


Aston Martin Lagonda to see of the competition?

Although the vehicle is in a different division, the recently announced McLaren Sports Series could be expected to compete with the Lagonda power and performance wise. In regards to other sources of competition for the new Aston model, expect to see some familiar faces return from Bentley and Ferrari with the California.