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The Ferrari 458 Speciale A is revealed ahead of its Paris debut

Today brings us even more Paris motor show news in regards to vehicle reveals and today we have heard the latest from famous sports car brand Ferrari who will reveal their brand new 458 Speciale A from the show. Today though images and specifications of the car have been leaked of its debut and from what we can see so far, it is expected to be one of the most well advanced Ferrari machines to see a grand launch in a while. The 458 Speciale A has been confirmed to be the brands most powerful open topped car of all time.


It has been confirmed that the engine to come along with the car will consist of the very same unit that is currently found in the 458 Speciale Coupe model. Ferrari are one of the worlds finest sports car designers and have been ever since they were founded in 1947 by famous founder Enzo Ferrari. Many models have gone on sale from the mass manufacturer over the years but could this be the finest to date?.


The features and components of the Ferrari 458 Speciale

The vehicle will indeed be a very special model as it has been confirmed that only a total of 499 units will be produced for world wide sale. There have been many variations of the 458 over the years since the very first was developed in 2009. The most famous being the Coupe version. Does the Speciale A have what it takes to conquer over all other additions though?. As we stated, the engine used in the Speciale A shares that of the Coupe model which sees the fitting of a 4497cc engine.


This allows the car to deliver on an output of 597 brake horse power which combined with the seven speed, twin clutch automatic transmission sees the vehicle make that famous leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a very quick three seconds flat out. A total of six air vents help to keep the vehicle running over smoothly and a retractable aluminium roof helps produce a much more lightweight driving experience compared to other 458 models to go on sale since 2010.


The image of the car that has been leaked today shows the vehicle in a Yellow paint scheme and also shows of Blue and White stripes and five spoke forged wheels too. A fully leather Black and Yellow interior has been shown by the leaked images as has the addition of the new flat bottomed steering wheel. Some of the interior is also made out of a Blue carbon fibre trim which gives the car even more of a sportier look and feel to it. Thanks to these brand new alterations to the Speciale A which take effect, we can easily see the Speciale maintaining some past rivalries with other sports car manufacturers such as the Mclaren brand and Lamborghini.


The new Ferrari 458 price

Although it remains unconfirmed at this stage in time as to what purchase price will come along with the Speciale A, it could be expected that the vehicle may go on sale for a cost somewhere around the £228,500.  

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