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New BMW Engines


A brand new generation of BMW diesel four cylinder engines that are aiming to achieve impressive fuel economy with the automatic start stop function from the company which will be making it's debut this summer in the BMW 518d and 520d models. The brand new engines will be available in Touring estate and saloon body styles and boast CO2 emissions as low as 109g.


How well do these engines perform?

In the entry level BMW 518d, the engine will produce 150 brake horsepower, which is an increase of 7 over the previous engine, the car can go from 0-62 miles per hour in 9.5 seconds and allegedly 9.2 seconds in the Touring and also has a fuel consumption of 65.7 miles per gallon on average, which is 61.4 miles per gallon in the Touring model. In the saloon model CO2 emissions are 114g, whilst the estate model has 122g of CO2 emissions. Power from the 520d model has been increased by 6 brake horsepower to 190 brake horsepower, while torque is 295lb.


Most buyers are likely to choose the automatic eight speed gearbox, which improves fuel efficiency to 68.9 miles per gallon, 62.8 miles per gallon from the touring model, with CO2 emissions down to 109g for the saloon version and the 118g for the Touring version.


Prices for the BMW 518d starts at £30,265 for the saloon version, which rises to £32,590 for the Touring Estate. The BMW 520d saloon costs £31,965 and the BMW 520d Touring costs £24,290. With that in mind we believe that some BMW vehicles that benefit from these engines will prove to be good rivals for other powered machines in a similar fashion from the likes of Mercedes, Audi and Lexus too.


What other vehicles will benefit from these engines?

The BMW 5 series is not the only BMW model is to be introduced with a brand new engine this summer. The 2 Series coupe will now be coming as a 228i variant powered with a petrol four cylinder engine that produced 245 brake horsepower and will go from 0-62 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds. Fuel is sipped at a rate of 42.8 mile per gallon with 154g of CO2 emissions and a starting price of £28,260.


The BMW 4 Series convertible meanwhile will be gaining an extra four engines, which include a brand new entry level 420i petrol 2.0 litre which has a starting price of £34,210. It has an output of 218 brake horsepower and hits 62 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds, with an average 54.3 mile per gallon fuel consumption and 138g of CO2 emissions