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BMW vs Tesla - Honda Civic Type R - DVLA Auction History


Its official ladies and gentlemen, the order books for the 2015 Honda Civic Type R have officially opened just as orders for the NSX have closed. The vehicle has been seen on a few separates occasions this year testing and on display from Octobers Paris auto show where the car was revealed in the flesh for the very first time. If you have been a fan of the look and power that the Civic Type R has brought to the table in the past then this brand new addition should blow you away.


When the car was revealed, it was shown in a much more sportier format than ever before and we believe that it could be set to be the biggest seller that Honda has to offer. It has been confirmed that the first set of deliveries on the motor will begin from August next year and will run into September. You can however guarantee your model from launch right now by popping down to your local Honda dealership and handing over a deposit of £3,000.


A new record for a private plate

A new record has recently been confirmed by the DVLA for the sale of a personalised license plate. The private plate was sold for £518,000 and will be fitted to the Ferrari model that used to be owned by recording artist Eric Clapton. The purchase was confirmed at a DVLA auction and the same buyer just a few hours prior to this expensive purchase also paid £130,320 for a Ferrari 250 L license plate in which the buyer John Collins claims it will be placed onto a Ferrari 250 GT model from 1964. John Collins is one of the worlds leading Ferrari collectors and in our opinion has proven it by paying £518,000 for the vehicles plate. The same vehicle the Ferrari 25 0 was the biggest seller at last years auction but at that time sold for just £36,000.


The BMW e Drive vs the Tesla Model S

It was last week that BMW revealed their new e Drive hybrid vehicle and it has sent the car industry into a buzz. The vehicle is all set to be the biggest contender that the world has to offer when it comes down to taking on the Tesla Model S. Power ranges from 250 right the way up to 650bhp have been confirmed for the vehicle along with a 931NM torque development.


Performance rates have not been made public for the car but the highest powered Model S from Tesla can achieve the 62mph sprint in 3.2 seconds. With expectations high for the race to the top, expect the e Drive to bring in figures somewhere around this area. Nothing has been confirmed as far as a launch time or even a cost for the vehicle goes. We do however expect to hear more on the future of this car over the course of the next year.