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The New BMW i8

The New BMW i8


A number of images of the new BMW i8 have surfaced online ahead of its public unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new BMW i8 will join the i3 electrically powered model in the challenge of reducing emissions.


BMW have been forced to respond to the likes of Nissan and Toyota in both the electric car market and the sales of the hybrid car. With the Nissan Leaf the electric car market has gone from strength to strength as sales figures look to do more than double than that of the previous year within the UK.


BMW like many other manufacturers have been forced to respond to such success. Volkswagen and Audi are both set to release a number of models badged with the letter E abbreviation which will link to the electrical element of the vehicle.


The new BMW i8 has been likened to that of the Audi R8 in terms of the clean futuristic look and the amount of technology fitted on the model. The images online seem to show the cars interior which has a electronic speedometer and futuristic feel to the model. However, the majority of the other features seem to have come directly from the other models on the BMW range.


The external features on the i8 model seem to have changed slightly on the BMW compared to that of the two previous concept models. In terms of the similarity to that of the R8, BMW have designed similar aerodynamic flourishes to the R8 and the model is rumoured to be offering a similar super car performance to match.


Performance and the BMW i8


The rear wheels on the BMW i8 model will be powered by the 1.4 three litre turbocharged petrol engine with the front wheels being powered by their individual electric motors. That is a massive 348bhp to be offered and people may well be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the BMW i8 amongst other models at the latest Frankfurt Motor Show.