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Tyre Insurance for your BMW |


BMW are one of the worlds leading automotive manufacturers and have been heavily involved with the development of the tyre. Both performance and safety is at the forefront of the production and development of new tyres. BMW have helped develop some of the most advanced tyres on the roads today. Most recently they have released a new range of winter tyres that will reduce braking distances significantly during the cold weather months.BMW Tyre Insurance from


The mass market manufacturer insists that by changing to winter tyres when the seasons change will save the consumer a considerable amount of money and increase their safety on the roads. BMW have been amongst the leading manufacturers in the tyre development field and have been recognised as being one of the first manufacturers to incorporate the Run Flat Tyres. Run Flat Tyres are highly developed tyres that will keep you moving for a short while after a puncture.


Run Flat Tyres have strong side walls which help the tyres carry the weight of the vehicle for a short while after a puncture. The only downside to purchasing a Run Flat Tyre is that once they have a puncture, it is highly likely that you won't be able to repair the puncture and instead, you have to find a replacement.


A considerable amount of motorists who purchase a BMW go down the route of Run Flat Tyres, however, what they may not know is how much they cost to replace. If you do a considerable amount of driving and often pick up punctures, then it may be wise for you to carry out further research into the average cost of replacing a Run Flat Tyre.


If the cost to replace just one tyre is approximately the cost to insure the tyres, then you may wish to consider a policy. To replace just one Run Flat Tyre can cost anything from £100 right up to £300+ depending on the size of the wheel amongst other factors. We advise you to simply consider how much it may cost to replace a tyre and how often you may need a tyre replacing, this will give you an idea of whether or not a Tyre Insurance policy would be value for money for you and your BMW.


A Tyre Insurance policy starts at just £167. However, you have the ability to claim up to 3 times in a 12 month period, with no excess to pay in the event of a claim. Policies purchased before 01/03/2017 will perform differently.


How much should you be paying for Tyre Insurance for your BMW?


When purchasing such a prestige vehicle as a BMW model, you will be offered a prestige package of protection which may include a form of Tyre Insurance. However, not being a specialist insurance provider, the prices at which they charge may have been higher than you should be paying for this form of insurance. As you can see above, with a Tyre Insurance policy, prices start at £167.00 and depending on the size of your tyre and the length of cover, can cost as much as £253.00.


Even our most expensive price for Tyre Insurance at £253.00, we expect to be a lot less expensive than the price charged within the dealership. We also offer a combined policy that also includes protection for your Alloy Wheel. A Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance policy allows you to make up to 3 claims per year on the tyres and an additional 3 claims per year on the alloy wheels. The inclusion of the alloy wheel cover does have an impact on the price, however, we still expect to be a lot less expensive than other providers in the UK.


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