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In one of the biggest and most welcomed moves from Mitsubishi so far this year, the company have announced that straight off the bat for 2015 and starting from January the 1st this year, they are now offering a standard five year warranty with every single vehicle across their entire range. Along with these new five year warranties being put into place, the company have also come out and said they will now offer three years free roadside assistance as part of the package across the range too.


The new move has been done in hopes of making Mitsubishi bigger and one of the biggest companies all around the world as far as the automotive industry are concerned. Sales for the brand for just last year alone rose up by 74.4 percent which is a huge and well deserved achievement for the brand. With new showrooms opening up for them with a range of dealers across the country and new models such as the the new Outlander crossover model for 2015 to go on sale, this new change in warranties and roadside assistance could be just that move that the firm have been looking for to get them off to a great start this year.


BMW toying with the idea of a new 9 series range

1 series,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 Series are all some of the biggest and most popular selling ranges that the German car company BMW have on offer right now. They have seen much success with vehicles such as the X range and M Sports range also but now it looks as if the company may be toying with the idea of bringing a new range to market in the future to be known under the name of the '9 Series'. BMW are debating the idea of the production of the new 9 Series range. Apparently the idea of the new 9 Series production is something that has been talked about internally within the company for the better part of a year and now the brand are bringing in a new chief executive in May, Harald Kruger.


The word coming out of the talks is that Harald Kugar is very keen on the idea of a 9 Series production and we could very well be set to see the project given the go. As soon as any more developments from BMW come to light regarding the news, we will keep you informed. Exciting news from BMW.


The new Volkswagen Amarok is on sale in short supply

A special edition version of the Volkswagen Amarok named the 'Ultimate' has now gone on sale but in perhaps even bigger news, if you are interested in owning one of these gorgeous vehicles then you may need to get in quick. VW have announced that these vehicles are only to be made in very limited supply. A total of only five hundred units of the car will be made available to customers and it carries some great features and highlights that could very well set the car apart from other traditional vehicles on sale in the same segment. Looking into the power provided for the new Amarok Ultimate, we see that a two litre, Bi Turbo diesel engine has made the cut.


Power for the car will also be delivered via the engine seeing 178bhp produced. A manual six speed transmission has been given the green light as far as standard equipment goes. Customers are however given the option of an eight speed automatic if that is what they prefer. Both Silver and Black are your options as far as looks go and you can also expect to receive some rather nifty pieces of kit too.


Some of our personal favourites as far as the equipment is concerned includes Bluetooth, a rear view reversing camera, a leather steering, heated front seating for both the passenger and driver and LED lighting also gives it that extra special look. If you opt for the standard six speed variant, you will be faced with a cost of £29,555, however, if the eight speed automatic is more your kind of thing then you will be expected to hand over a figure of £30,970.