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This week we have been doing run downs on some of the finest vehicles used on European markets for a range of different activities. Today we are taking a look into some of the most recognised vehicles not just here in the UK but all around the world that have helped their respective manufacturers gain a lot of attention. This top five run down we are about to bring to you demonstrate some of the finest vehicles from brands such as Ford,Audi and Honda amongst many more. The idea in mind here is that when you think of a manufacturers name a certain type of vehicle comes to mind straight away. When the names of the following manufacturers came to mind the following five cars that sprung to mind where in our opinion some of the best vehicle additions that the mass manufacturers have ever offered from the history of their company.


Which vehicles are most linked to their respective manufacturers ?


So what are the five most recognised vehicles that can be linked to the manufacturers that have developed them ?. Well in no specific order here we take a look another a company that was originally founded back in 1903 the American manufacturer Ford.


Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is one of the companies biggest selling models ever in history. We seen the very first Fiesta model go on sale back in 1976 and has since then received many different variations over the years. The model is now currently in its seventh generation. It just goes to show how popular this particular vehicle is as it has been confirmed to be the best selling vehicle to ever go on sale here in the United Kingdom ever. On various models over the years we have seen them come along with many different trim levels including the likes of the Zetec, the Zetec S, the Titanium and the Titanium X. The X level is the highest trim level that is offered with Fiesta vehicles during this time and each trim benefits from more upgraded technology features and additional pieces of equipment than the previous trim level.


One of the latest Ford Fiesta vehicles to reach EU soil was the addition of the Fiesta for this year. Entry level prices begin from £9,995 with prices rising to £19,250 for the top of the range spec Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta Shortfall



Next up in our line up of most recognised vehicles comes an addition from the minds over at the Italian company Fiat.


The Fiat 500

That's right, the next car to make it into our list today is the legendary 500 model from the Fiat company. The Fiat 500 is definitely one of the most recognised cars around the world from the Fiat firm. The very first 500 model was originally introduced on a global scale way back in 1957 and was originally produced up until 1975. During that time it was one of the smallest vehicles available on the road measuring just nine feet and nine inches. Originally a 479cc two cylinder engine was used during the production of the very first 500 model. The Fiat 500 was considered to be one of the very first city cars to ever appear in the car industry on a world wide scale. After production first ended in 1975 it was not until 2007 that the 500 model was re produced. A front mounted engine and a four wheel drive system was also introduced to the 2007 model. Without a doubt the 500 model is the vehicle that comes to mind when you breathe the name Fiat. Other vehicle additions such as the Panda and the Punto also make an impact for the Fiat firm. Taking on all comers over the years such as some vehicle additions from the Ford and Renault brand amongst many more, we think that the 500 is certainly a vehicle that will continue to maintain much success in the city car field for many years to come. The latest version of the Fiat 500 comes from this year after the vehicle was debuted to the world from the Geneva motor show. As for as a price tag for the car is concerned, you can expect to pay a starting price from £10,160 ranging upwards to £13,960 for the top of the range 500 addition.


Getting in the high area now of the top three vehicles that are recognised as well known cars. This next addition to our line up was first produced back in 1973 and production of the sub compact version of the car was produced right up until the year 200. After this the compact version of the car was produced from 2001 and is still being manufactured today. A well known Japanese brand is behind this vehicle which has proven to be one of the most recognised cars around the world. The number three vehicle....

Fiat 500 Shortfall





The Honda Civic

The Civic is the flagship vehicle for the Honda brand. Honda have been a dominant leader on the motorbike market for many years now and have seen of competition from the likes of BMW and the Suzuki brand. With the addition of the Civic, the manufacturer has done the same thing on the car market also. The majority of sales in North America especially where contributed by the Civic along side other vehicles such as the Prelude and the Accord during the 1990's. The Civic is now in its ninth generation so many additions have been released in the world over the years. From 2006 the figure of world wide Civic sales stood at 16.5 million. 7.3 million units were from America. Many different variations have been introduced over the years such as the Civic Type R,Civic Vti and the Civic Sri. Perhaps one of the biggest telling figures of all regarding the Civic is over in Canada. It has been confirmed that the Civic has been the very best selling vehicle in Canada for the past fourteen years. The vehicle has also kept up to date with the modern generation by introducing a hybrid version of the car to the world.


One of the latest Civic models to go on offer was the variant for this year. Prices for the 2014 Honda Civic begin at £16,285 with prices rising to a total of £20,585 for the range topping version of the car.

Honda Civic Shortfall



The runner up in our top five most recognised vehicles just missing out on the number one spot is a sporty vehicle from the German Audi company. This vehicle was first produced around the world back in 1998 and is still being produced to this day. Much success has been brought to the German company from this specific vehicle over the years and it has fended off some fierce competition from other companies like Mazda with the Mx 5 and the Toyota GT 86. The vehicle coming at second place is...


The Audi TT

The TT has proven to be a key ingredient to the all round achievements held by the Audi firm. It was difficult choosing a vehicle to name as Audi's most recognisable car with other models such as the A4 the A5 and the Q7 coming to mind too. When the Audi name is mentioned though, we cant help but think of that body design and aggressive look of the TT. This vehicle comes in the shape of a two door sports style vehicle. Two generations of the TT have been produced over the course of the cars history on our roads with the new addition for this year. The Audi TT has shared the Volkswagen Group A platform which helps benefit Audi vehicles in a number of ways. Things such as suspension, the powertrain, both front wheel drive and quattro four wheel drive are also made available to the TT thanks to the Volkswagen platform used. The very first TT model was originally shown at the 1995 Frankfurt motor show and the interior of the vehicle went on to win awards. In 1996 the TT received the fitting of a dual clutch transmission system which broke records with this now being the first ever car to used this system on a right hand drive vehicle here in Europe. The name TT can be traced to the popular motorbike race held over in the Isle of man ever year. The NSU brand raced their for many years and they later became the company Audi. This is the meaning behind the TT name. Another traceable fact to the TT name comes from the NSU 1000TT,the 1200TT which were raced motorbikes in the Isle of man and the racing car from the 1960's, the TTS. TT has been said to also mean the words 'technology and tradition'.


At this point in time the latest TT model to see a release onto our roads is the Coupe version of the car which can be purchased from a price starting off at £29,770.

Audi TT Shortfall






Now finding its way into our top spot holding down the number one position, Vauxhall take the top spot here but we could not decide on one car from the manufacturer so we had to take two vehicles from the manufactures prestigious history.


The Vauxhall Corsa and the Astra

Well deserving of the top spot in the car industry today is indeed the Vauxhall brand. They have produced many many vehicles over the years since they were founded in 1903. Some of these big sellers for the manufacturer include the Insignia and the Nova from many years ago. The two biggest and most recognisable in our minds though are the Corsa and the Astra. The very first Corsa model went on sale from 1982 with Astra making it's arrival felt in 1979. The Corsa is still being produced to this day as is the Astra. The Corsa is now in its fifth generation with the Astra beating it to the count by one more generation now in its sixth. The Astra has been produced for many years in the Ellesmere Port plant right here in the UK and is also produced in Germany,Belgium and Poland. In a fun fact regarding the Corsa, we mentioned earlier about the Nova vehicle from Vauxhalls past, well the Nova was actually a Corsa. The model is referred to now as the Corsa A. The Nova name was removed from the Corsa in 1993 which afterwards the Corsa B was designed and adopted the name Corsa. The rest as they say is history.


Prices for a brand new Corsa model from 2013 begin at £8,995 with price rising to £17,005 for the highest spec model on offer. As far as the pricing structure for the Astra is concerned, we see prices vary from £12,995 rising upwards varying on which version of the car takes your interest more.

Vauxhall Astra Shortfall



Can new and upcoming vehicles take the cars places ?


With such hype and anticipation circulating around many vehicles that will be released by these manufacturers over the course of the next few years,there is a popularity that some of these cars may be overtaken when it comes to the most recognisable vehicles on the road. With such long and prestigious histories surrounding the vehicles named above it would certainly take something special from the manufacturers to put their new vehicles on the map.