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Today here at Shortfall we are taking a look into some of the best deals on offer from this month on new cars with brand new 64 license plates. September is always one of the busiest times of the year for the automotive industry as a whole as the new plate changes on new cars arrive. With a bit of research though we have found some of the very best deals available on the market from this month on a brand new vehicle with next years plate fitted. A lot of these deals on new cars come in many different forms, such as price drops on cash purchases and lower monthly payments on some vehicles than what has been previously offered. Many manufacturers are represented here today and the car styles vary from city cars to family vehicles amongst many more. Changes to the plates on our vehicles on the market happen twice a year with this month being a busy time and also the month of March. So with the vehicle industry set to take the leap into the new plate changes, here are five of the newest deals to be made available with the latest number plate.


The five best deals to think about when purchasing a new car



 5. The Toyota Aygo


The Aygo is certainly one of the finest city cars that has ever been made available around the world. Since the very first Aygo was launched on a global scale back in 2005 it has proven to be one of the most purchased city cars available. The Toyota brand who designed the car have released just the original model but at this years Geneva motor show the mass manufacturer officially unveiled the brand new second generation version of the Aygo which is due to go on sale later this year. Toyota have confirmed that the new version of the car will come along with a total of five different trim levels which will see the additions of added pieces of equipment that could prove to be some strong selling points for the vehicle. Some of these features that we will see come across the range include the likes of daytime running lights,climate control, a built in sat nav system comes as an optional extra,a DAB digital radio,front fog lights and a rear view reversing camera amongst much much more. The latest version of the car came just last year as the second wave of the latest version of the Aygo. It has received some new changes in regards to the features and exterior design structure and has proven to be a key ingredient to the success of the company since it went on sale. If you currently do not own an Aygo or are looking to make the switch to a more up to date version of the car, Toyota have a great offer on at this moment in time on a latest up to date Aygo with a '64' plate which sees the car available for just £99.00 a month on a lease or you can purchase the car and have an offer of free insurance on the vehicle for a year courtesy of Toyota.


4. Nissan Qashqai Acenta Premium


Our next deal for the month of September comes courtesy from the Japanese manufacturer Nissan and sees a brand new Nissan Qashqai Acenta Premium model made available for a cost of just £264 per month which overall compared to previous deals on the car sees a good strong saving of £5,661 in total. The Acenta premium is one of the highest spec levels available on the Qashqai and sees much additional pieces of equipment come along with the vehicle. The Acenta Premium version of the car sees additions such as 17 inch alloy wheels,a brand new Black front grille,privacy glass for the rear of the vehicle,a leather steering wheel,a five inch HD TFT display screen and a panoramic glass roof also comes along with the vehicle. As far as the gadgets and technology is concerned for this trim level of the Qashqai, you can also expect to find the additions of a dual zone climate control system,electric power steering,heated door mirrors,interior ambient lighting and boot space also sees a minor increase to with 430 litres of space being ideal. There are a vast range of colours made available for this version of the Nissan Qashqai and the Premium model also comes with door handles and mirrors to match the paint scheme. The Premium model is offered with a dCi 130 Xtronic engine. This diesel unit sees the car reach speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standing start in a good steady time of 11.1 seconds overall. An overall maximum speed limit for this version of the Qashqai also comes in at 114 miles per hour. The engine that comes along with this Acenta Premium offer from Nissan dealers we see come fitted with a 115 brake horse power delivering Dig-T turbo petrol engine.


3. BMW 318d Sports Saloon


Our next best deal we have found for a brand new '64' plate on a good all round vehicle comes to us straight from the German BMW brand who are offering as great deal on their 318d Sports Saloon model which first went on sale here in the United Kingdom back in 2012. This diesel vehicle benefits from all the great features you would expect a BMW model to come equipped with for example if we check out the power and performance side of the car, we see that during this vehicles time on the production line, the manufacturer included a 1995cc diesel engine which seen the car hit an overall top speed limit of 132 miles per hour with the sprint from the 0 to 62 miles per hour area being achieved in a good steady rate of just nine seconds flat. Fuel consumption is also a key part of what has made the 318d sports saloon so popular as from a full tank, the 318d is capable of doing around 787 miles before needing a refill. A standard six speed transmission system comes along with the car and the 318d is only made available as a rear wheel drive variant.


There are some great features for you to sink your teeth into also as far as kit goes for the car. The additions of ABS as standard,Electric traction control,a braking assist system,front fog lights and halogen headlights are just some of the pieces of equipment that come along with the car as standard. Now regarding some of the other main big features of the vehicle, we see that the welcome additions of a CD player,Bluetooth connectivity,electric windows all round,cruise control,automatic air conditioning,a leather multi functioning steering wheel,central locking and alloy wheels are very well received. The deal that BMW are offering on the 318d Sports Saloon is a finance agreement on the car with a monthly cost of just £293 per month for a total of four years with a deposit put down of £3,999.


2. Vauxhall Corsa


Finding its way into our second place position today is a great deal from the Vauxhall brand which could be perfect for you young drivers out there. The vehicle that is affected by this new deal is the big selling city car, the Corsa. The latest version of the Corsa is all set to be revealed to the general public and the media alike next month from the Paris motor show. So with the brand new version of the car set to be launched the brand are hoping for as many sales as possible on their current generation version of the car. So to ensure some more success for the big selling vehicle, Vauxhall are offering a deal of a total of 0% finance and free insurance for drivers over the age of 21 and lower customer deposits are made available on the Corsa also. The brand are not just stopping there though, the car is also offered with a huge price drop of £5,607 on the 1.4T SRI five door version. The generation of Corsa is presently in its fourth generation and has been since 2006. It is one of the biggest selling city cars that has ever gone on sale around the world and has won countless awards over the years. It has proven to be one of the front runners when seeing of competition from other manufacturers such as Ford and Renault amongst many more and with these two deals now being made available on the vehicle, it could very well prove to be a much more wanted choice when it comes to purchasing a new car especially for the fitting of the new license plate. With that being said this is your last opportunity to purchase the current generation Corsa with a '64' plate before the brand new fifth generation version of the Corsa goes on sale.


1. The Ford Fiesta


Now arguably the best deal to go on sale with a vehicle for the new license plate included comes in the form of the huge selling Fiesta from American car brand Ford. The Ford Fiesta earlier on this year was confirmed to be the biggest selling vehicle in the United Kingdom of all time. The reason we think that the Ford Fiesta holds the best deal for the new plate change is that the car firm behind the vehicle have confirmed that the latest version of the car will see a huge price drop of £3,554 took of the £13,691 price to bring the purchase price of one of these models down to £10,137. That's not the only exciting part though, this price reduction will come attached to the vehicles top of the range Titanium X model. The Titanium X model is the highest spec version of the car and it comes fitted with more additional equipment than you could possibly need. The engine range to be made available with the Titanium X varies from a turbocharged 1.0 litre,Ecoboost engine a 1.6 litre TDCi diesel engine and a standard 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine can also be chosen at the time of purchase. All engine ranges are included with the price drop as are the additional pieces of equipment that come along with the vehicle. Both a five speed manual and six speed automatic gearbox also come along with the Fiesta. In regards to some of those added pieces of equipment that come fitted with the Titanium X, partially heated leather seating,a power start button and a keyless entry system also finds its way into the Titanium X. Safety is also a key part of the Titanium X model as we see the car fully fitted with seven air bags,a hill start assist system and stability control also finds it's way into the Titanium X.


Will sales on these vehicles be boosted due to the deals on offer ?


There are certainly some great deals on offer here for the vehicles listed above and we refuse to see how you could afford to pass up on one of these deals if you're looking for a brand new car with a '64' plate. So will these deals bring in even more success for these vehicles than they have achieved before ?, in our opinion yes. For some of the vehicles listed above, this could very well be your final opportunity to own one of these cars with the new license plate. So get in quick now to ensure yourself a great deal on a brand new vehicle.